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April 10, 2019
Diametrically-Magnetized Magnets – Perfect for Magnetic Angle & Rotation Sensing
Magnetic Business & Technology
“TMR sensors are more sensitive and have wider operating field ranges than Hall-effect sensors. They operate with fields as low as 1.5 millitesla (15 oersteds) and are still accurate at much higher fields. This broad field range allows wide mechanical latitude, and compatibility with inexpensive ferrite magnets over a large temperature range despite ferrite’s large loss of strength with temperature.”

March 18, 2019
The NVE Share Price Has Gained 75% And Shareholders Are Hoping For More
Simply Wall St
“NVE... has a TSR [total shareholder return] of 105% for the last 3 years.”

March/April 2019
New Smart TMR Magnetometer and Low-Power Isolators from NVE Corporation
Magnetics Business & Technology
“NVE Corporation has introduced a new smart magnetometer that combines a tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor element with sophisticated digital processing. When it announced the product launch in August, the company said it was the first smart TMR magnetometer on the market. Meanwhile, NVE has also been adding more models to its new line of TMR low-power isolators.”

March/April 2019
NVE Focuses on Spintronics for Smaller, Smarter, Lower-Power Products
Magnetics Business & Technology
“ ‘Our development strategy is smaller, smarter, lower-power products,’ ” he [Daniel Baker, president and CEO] noted.

January 30, 2019
NVE Corporation: A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins
Seeking Alpha
“A Chinese proverb declares the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. NVE is no longer at step one. But, its journey is just beginning.”

December 18, 2018
Hedge Funds Are Crazy About NVE Corporation
Insider Monkey
“NVE Corporation has experienced an increase in enthusiasm from smart money of late.”

December 10, 2018
Should You Worry About NVE Corporationís CEO Salary Level?
Simply Wall St.
“Daniel Baker is paid less than what is normal at similar size companies, and the total shareholder return has been pleasing over the last three years.”

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