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In the News (2020)

October 20, 2020
Spintronics Pioneer NVE Introduces New Magnetic Sensing Capabilities
Magnetics Business and Technology
“Spintronics pioneer NVE has introduced two new devices that bring powerful sensing capabilities to design engineers. One is a noncontact tunnel magnetoresistance encoder sensor, depicted above, that can replace optical encoders. The other is an ultraminiature magnetometer sensor that can sense magnetic fields up to a remarkable 1.5 tesla.”

September 2020
Optocoupler Replacement with Digital Isolators
“In 1998 a company called Non-Volatile Electronics (NVE) in Minnesota pioneered practical use of a quantum magnetic effect known as Giant Magnetoristance (GMR) to sense very small magnetic fields on a semiconductor chip.”

August 21, 2020
NVE Corporation’s Current Bet
Seeking Alpha
“NVEC has no debt and a flourishing cash balance, and it generates some of the highest margins in its industry.”

July 23, 2020
Seven Semiconductor Stocks With Strong Dividends
U.S. News & World Report
“At just $300 million in market capitalization, this [NVE Corporation] is one of the smaller semiconductor-related plays out there but perhaps one of the most interesting names among chip stocks.”

July 3, 2020
Two Interesting Semiconductor Stocks: Intel and NVE Corp.
Seeking Alpha
“It seems it’s only a matter of time before NVE can exploit this advantage and tap more revenue from these segments.”

June 1, 2020
The Undoing of SOX 404(b)
Strategic Finance
“Daniel A. Baker, president and CEO of NVE Corporation, a manufacturer of high-performance electronic products used to acquire and transmit data, predicts a savings of almost one third of his audit costs.”

May 24, 2020
NVE Corporation Looks Undervalued
Seeking Alpha
“[NVE Corporation] is a very profitable small-cap that stays under the radar for now.”

May 18, 2020
NVE Corporation In Perspective
Seeking Alpha
“In a post-pandemic recovery, technology developed by the spintronics expert should be close to production-ready.”

March 26, 2020
NVE Introduces Smart I²C TMR Angle Sensor
Embedded Computing Design

January 24, 2020
NVE Corporation Pays Us To Wait
Seeking Alpha
“It doesn’t seem a stretch to classify NVE Corporation as a rare company—one with impressive growth potential yet paying a generous dividend.”

January 6, 2020
High Sensitivity Differential Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) Based Sensor for Non-Contacting DC/AC Current Measurement
Sensors Journal
“This paper presents the design and implementation of a high sensitivity giant magnetoresistance (GMR) based current sensor with a broad range of applications.”

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