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IL31/IL32/IL34 Series Passive-Input Isolated RS-422 and RS-485 Transceivers

NVE’s unique passive-input isolated transceivers dramatically reduce chip count and board area compared to traditional optocouplers. The passive inputs allow unprecedented flexibility for input configurations. Available 0.15" SOIC packages reduce board area even more. The parts feature:

Low Quiescent Supply Current
Current-Mode Passive Inputs
Fractional Load Versions Available

3 V to 5.5 V Power Supplies
44000 Year Barrier Life
0.15" and 0.3"-Wide 16-pin SOIC
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Part Number
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(bus nodes; kV)
Key FeaturesPackages
IL3122RS-42253215Low Cost0.15" SOIC-16; 0.3" SOIC-16
IL3185RS-48553215Low Cost0.15" SOIC-16; 0.3" SOIC-16
IL3222RS-422525615Fractional Load0.15" SOIC-16; 0.3" SOIC-16
IL3285RS-485525615Fractional Load 0.15" SOIC-16; 0.3" SOIC-16
IL3422RS-422203215High Speed0.15" SOIC-16; 0.3" SOIC-16
IL3485RS-485203215High Speed 0.15" SOIC-16; 0.3" SOIC-16

IsoLoop--The Opto Alternative