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March 2021
Nanopower TMR Magnetic Switches

February 2021
Demonstrations of IL7xx Isolator Best-in-Class Isolation and CMTI Specifications

January 2021
2020 Year in Review

December 2020
Best-in-Class CMTI Isolators

November 2020
Smart Magnetic Sensors

October 2020
TMR Rotational / Linear Sensors

September 2020
Eval Board for Transceivers With DC-DC Convertors; Eval Board for I²C Magnetometer

August 2020
IL46xx Transceivers with Integrated DC-DC Convertors; I²C Magnetometer

July 2020
AKT001 Ultrahigh Field Sensor

June 2020
ILDC11—The World’s smallest DC-DC Convertor

May 2020
ASR022 ABZ Noncontact TMR Encoder Sensor

April 2020
COVID-19 Update; Smart Magnetometers; Redesigned Online Store

March 2020
Ultrahigh CMTI Isolators

February 2020
I²C TMR Smart Angle Sensor

January 2020
2019 Year in Review; 350 mT Magnetic Switches; 4 mT Smart Magnetometer

December 2019
3-Volt TMR Magnetic Switches

November 2019
1.5-Volt TMR Magnetic Switches; Smart Sensor Breakout Boards

October 2019
Off-Axis Angle Sensing

September 2019
CAN FD Isolated Transceivers; Smart Sensor Breakout Boards

August 2019
Isolated Transceiver for 3.3 Volt RS-485 Busses; Gear-Tooth Sensing Web App

July 2019
New ALT025-10E TMR Bipolar Analog Magnetic Sensor

June 2019
New SM225-10E Smart TMR Magnetometer; New Sensor and Isolator Catalogs

May 2019
Detecting Tiny Gear Teeth

April 2019
NVE’s 30-Year Anniversary; “Dumb Sensor” (April Fool’s Day)

March 2019
Angle sensor magnets and holders

February 2019
Smart GMR Magnetometer

January 2019
Smart TMR Angle Sensors; 2018 Year in Review

December 2018
Low Power Isolators; IATF16949; Embedded Technology & IoT Technology 2018

November 2018
Over-Trace High Current Sensing; Ridiculously Fast Current Sensors

October 2018
Ridiculously Low Power Digital Sensors

September 2018
Introducing the SM324—the world's first smart TMR magnetometer

August 2018
QSOP Isolators

July 2018
Low Power Isolators

June 2018
NVE Now on GitHub

May 2018
New Angle Sensor Web Application

April 2018
New IL01x Low-Power Isolators; Foolproof Current Sensing

March 2018
Inexpensive Microcontrollers; Happy Pi-Day

February 2018
AAL024 Noncontact Current Sensor; Happy e-Day

January 2018
2017 Year in Review

December 2017
MMM Conference Wrap-up

November 2017
Wider Sensor Ranges; Bare PCBs

October 2017
Full-Bridge Angle Sensor

September 2017
High-Field Magnetometer; New Video Website; Solar Eclipse

August 2017
The World’s Most Sensitive Magnetic Switch

July 2017
Low-Power Isolated RS-485 Transceiver

June 2017
40 Mbps QSOP RS-485 Transceiver

May 2017
World’s Smallest Magnetometer Sensor

April 2017
Web Apps; Infinite Resistance Angle Sensor (April Fool’s Story)

March 2017
IL3022 Low-Cost RS-422 Transceiver

February 2017
AAT006 Low-Field Angle Sensor

January 2017
ADL021 Mini Demo Boards

December 2016
Reinforced Isolation

November 2016
Nanopower Magnetic Sensor Evaluation Kit

October 2016
New Rotation Quadrant Sensor

September 2016
New GMR Sensor Demo Board

August 2016
Angle Sensor Interfaces

July 2016
Ridiculously Low-Power Angle Sensors

June 2016
Noncontact Angle Sensors; Sensor+Test Demos

May 2016
Bipolar Sensor; Sensor+Test Preview

April 2016
Overcurrent Protection Makes Circuits More Foolproof; Angler Sensor (April Fool’s Story)

March 2016
Pi Day Angle Sensor Trigonometry; Magnetic Field vs. Distance

February 2016
Speed and Direction Signals; New Playlists

January 2016
Year in Review; Basic CAN Transceiver; Angle Sensor Demonstration

December 2015
Gear-Tooth Sensors

November 2015
Cylinder Position Sensors; Two-Wire Interfaces

October 2015
Two-Wire Proximity Sensor; Gear Tooth Sensor Demonstration

September 2015
RS-485 / RS-422 Transceivers; Transceivers Save Labor; Isolator Barrier Demonstration Videos

August 2015
MSOP and QSOP Isolators; Angle Sensor Demo Video

July 2015
Six-Kilovolt Isolators

June 2015
1.1 mm Nanopower Magnetic Switches; Recent Exhibitions

May 2015
Switch-Mode Power Supply Demo Boards; Extended IL600 Input Range

April 2015
Greek Data Coupler (April Fool’s Story); Foolproof, Ridiculously Small, Isolated CAN Transceivers

March 2015
5 kV 5-Channel Isolators; Sensor Demo Video; Biot-Savart Law 

February 2015
Magnetic Field Strength Calculator; RS-485 A/B Naming Conventions 

January 2015
Year in Review; YouTube; Flowmeter Video; Switching Supplies

December 2014
5 kV Two-Channel Isolators

November 2014
2.5 kV MSOP Isolators

October 2014
QSOP Isolated Transceivers

September 2014
RS-485 / RS-422 Transceivers; Transceivers Save Labor

August 2014
5 kV Isolators; High-Voltage SPI

July 2014
New Isolated Current Sensor; Motor Control

June 2014
IL600-Series Opto Replacement Isolators; Isolated ECL and PECL Interfaces

May 2014
New QSOP Isolators; New QSOP Isolator Evaluation Boards

April 2014
Data Translation Couplers (April Fool’s Story); Foolproof CAN Bus Transceiver

March 2014
25 Years; New Distributor; Thermal Characteristics

February 2014
New Angle Sensor; Buffered Angle Sensing

January 2014
New Top-of-the-Line Isolators; Year in Review; SPI Isolation Circuits

December 2013
Isolator VDE Certification; New Video Format; New Distributors

November 2013
Less Isolator Power; MSL 1 Isolators

October 2013
Isolated 1-Wire Serial Bus

September 2013
IL814T-3E Top-of-the-Line Isolators; Offshore and Gas Exhibition; Labor-Saving Purchasing

August 2013
IL800-Series Isolators; Isolated SPI

July 2013
Isolator Specifications Upgraded; Level Shifting Applications

June 2013
IL600-Series Isolators; Newark/element14; Isolator Transient Immunity; IL600 Isolators As RS-485 Receivers

May 2013
True 8™ Bidirectional Isolators; IBIS Models; Isolated USB

April 2013
Magnetic Bracelets (April Fool’s Story); Catfight; DB002-02 Signal Processing IC

March 2013
Low-Cost RS-485 Isolated Transceivers; Exhibitions; Isolator Creepage

February 2013
New Narrow-Body Isolated Transceivers; Narrow-Body Isolator Evaluation Boards

January 2013
Year in Review; MSOP Isolators; MSOP SPI Isolation

December 2012
Ultrafast Isolators; NVE Expansion; “Gear Up” for the Holidays; Stocking Stuffers

November 2012
CAN Evaluation Board; Exhibitions; Isolating CAN; Isolator Speed Metrics

October 2012
Angle Sensor Evaluation Kit; Angle Sensor Reference Design; Angle Sensors in the News

September 2012
Wide-Body, Low-Power Isolated CAN Transceiver; Isolating CAN

August 2012
RS-485 Evaluation Board; RS-485 Tips

July 2012
Sensor Evaluation Kit; Magnetic Field vs. Distance

June 2012
New CAN Transceiver; Exhibitions; Isolating CAN

May 2012
IL600 Evaluation Board; New Distributor; Exhibitions; Open-Drain Isolators

April 2012
Magnetic Suit (April Fool’s Story); IL700 Evaluation Board; Foolproof Circuits

March 2012
Bidirectional Isolators; New Representative; Isolated USB

February 2012
Groundhog Day; Love Spintronics; Exhibitions; Package Dimensions

January 2012
New Distributor; ADC Resolution; Expansion Update

December 2011
NVE Expanding; Improved Isolators; Holiday Videos

November 2011
Isolated PROFIBUS Transceiver; PROFIBUS Compliance

October 2011
Analog Sensors; Exhibitions; High-Sensitivity Sensors

September 2011
IL3585 Transceivers; SPE Exhibition; Isolated Transceivers Save Labor

August 2011
New Video; GMR Switches; Magnetic Switch Circuitry

July 2011
Narrow-Body Isolators; Sensor+Test 2011; Isolating Independent Power Supplies

June 2011
Wide-Body Isolators; Exhibitions; Endurance Voltage

May 2011
Technical Videos; Exhibitions; Magnets

April 2011
April Fool’s Story; Foolproofing Sensor Systems

March 2011
IL700-Series Isolators; RhoPoint; Mbps vs. MHz

February 2011
IL600 Isolators; Line One; Love IsoLoops/Hate Optos

January 2011
2010 Year in Review; Gear-Tooth Sensors (Includes Video); New Korean Distributor; Supply Voltage Design Margin

December 2010
Low-Jitter Audio Isolation (Includes Video); Holiday Shopping Guide (Isolator Selection Guide); Stocking Stuffers (Sensor Evaluation Kits)

November 2010
Ultra-Fast Isolators; PROFIBUS Application Bulletin; New Chinese Distributor; Halloween Apps Corner (Isolators Stop Scary Timing)

October 2010
PDIP Isolators; Drop-In Opto Replacement

September 2010
Sensor Evaluation Kits; Current Calculation

August 2010
Tiny CAN Transceiver; NVE Expansion; Shanghai Channel; CAN EMC

July 2010
Narrow-Body SOIC-16 Isolators; Declare Power Supply Independence

June 2010
Recent Shows; Wide-Body Isolators; Endurance Voltage

May 2010
Ultraminiature Sensors; Sensor + Test 2010; Remembering Magnets

April 2010
Parts in Stock; PCIM Europe; Foolproof Circuits; April 1 Product

March 2010
IL41050 Isolated CAN Transceiver; IL721 CAN Isolator; CAN Isolation

February 2010
Rhopoint Korea; IL600 Isolators; Love IsoLoops/Hate Optos

January 2010
2009 Year in Review; Chinese Website; High-Sensitivity Magnetic Sensors

December 2009
Chinese Distributor; Think Thin! (Narrow-Body Isolators); Holiday Jitters

November 2009
No Allocation; Awards & Accolades; New Application Notes; Gear-Tooth Sensors

October 2009
New Voicemail; High-Temperature Isolators; Line Voltage Doesn’t Have to be Scary

September 2009
Polish Distributor; Aktuel Elektronik Article; Labor-Saving Single-Chip Isolated Transceivers

August 2009
FSB100; New Patent; Featured Distributor; Isolating Differential Signals

July 2009
Omnipolar vs. Bipolar Sensors; ISO Certification; Isolator Power Consumption

June 2009
New Isolator Catalog; Isolators In the News; Isolated Synchronous Rectification

May 2009
Nanopower Sensors; the Right Isolator; I²C Isolation

April 2009
TMR Angle Sensor; Isolated USB; April 1 Application Corner

March 2009
Magnetic Gradiometers; Isolated ADC Using an IL514; Symposium in Germany

February 2009
24 Volt Current Sensor; Single-Chip RS-485 Isolated Transceivers; Transceiver Part Numbering

January 2009
Hot 100 Award; New Current Sensors; Noncontact Current Sensing; Sensor Part Numbering

December 2008
IEC Approved MSOP Isolators; Single-Component RS-485 Receiver

November 2008
IL515 Isolator; 12-Bit DAC Isolation; Isolator Part Numbering

October 2008
Bipolar Magnetic Sensors; New MSOP Isolators; True Channel-to-Channel Isolation