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Isolator Evaluation Boards
Play Video Video  An IsoLoop® Isolator Evaluation Board  

Isolator Evaluation Boards let you try a variety of NVE’s award-winning of IsoLoop Isolators, and demonstrate best practices for isolator board layout.

Many boards are available:

The IL700-Series Evaluation Board has four IL700-Series isolators in four popular package types:
    • IL716E (wide-body SOIC-16)
    • IL715-3E (narrow-body SOIC-16)
    • IL712-3E (SOIC-8)
    • IL710S-1E (MSOP-8)

 IL700-Series Evaluation Board Manual

The QSOP Isolator Evaluation Board his evaluation board lets you try the world’s densest high-performance isolators. The board includes five high-performance QSOP isolators:
    • IL715-1E: 4-Channel (all same direction)
    • IL716-1E: 4-Channel (2 each direction)
    • IL717-1E: 4-Channel (3 transmit, 1 receive)
    • IL260-1E: 5-Channel (all same direction)
    • IL261-1E: 5-Channel (4 transmit, 1 receive)

 QSOP 4- and 5-Channel Isolator Evaluation Board Manual

 QSOP RS-485 Evaluation Board Manual

The QSOP RS-485, Narrow-Body RS-485, and Wide-Body RS-485 Isolator Evaluation Boards provide complete isolated RS-485 nodes using the QSOP16 IL3585-1E, the narrow-body IL3585-3E, or the full 8 mm creepage IL3585E isolated transceivers.
    • Screw terminal and RJ45 connections
    • Termination, pull-up, and pull-down resistors can be changed for various fanouts and termination
    • Best layout practices including separate ground planes

 Narrow-Body RS-485 Evaluation Board Manual

 Wide-Body RS-485 Evaluation Board Manual

The Isolated PROFIBUS Evaluation Board provides a complete isolated PROFIBUS node using the unique 0.15" narrow-body IL3685-3E isolated transceiver.
    • Screw terminal and PROFIBUS DB9 connections
    • Typical PROFIBUS termination, pull-up, and pull-down resistors
    • Data rates to 40 Mbps
    • Fully PROFIBUS compatible, including the stringent bus differential specifications

 PROFIBUS Evaluation Board Manual

The QSOP CAN, Narrow-Body CAN, and Wide-Body CAN Evaluation Boards provide complete isolated Controller Area Network nodes. The QSOP and Narrow-Body verisons are the world’s smallest isolated CAN transceivers.
    • Screw terminal connections
    • Termination and pull-up resistors
    • Fully ISO 11898 CAN compliant
    • Accommodates 3V - 5.5V supplies

 QSOP CAN Evaluation Board Manual

 Narrow-Body CAN Evaluation Board Manual

The IL600-Series Evaluation Board has four IL600-Series isolators in four package types:
    • IL613E (wide-body SOIC-16)
    • IL614-3E (narrow-body SOIC-16)
    • IL611-3E (SOIC-8)
    • Open-drain IL610A-1E (MSOP-8)
A pushbutton and LED demonstrates the unmatched flexibility of these devices.

 IL600-Series Evaluation Board Manual

Two types of working Switch Mode Power Supply Demonsration Boards show how NVE“s unique MSOP Isolators can shrink Switch Mode Power Supplies, increase efficiency, and improve reliability. Isoloop Isolators isolate the synchronous rectification MOSFETs and the error voltage feedback signal. Two versions are available. SMPS1 boards use an IL610-1 failsafe isolator in the error voltage feedback circuitry for simplicity with 1 kV of isolation. SMPS2 uses a new IL710V-1 MSOP 2.5 kV isolator to provide a board rated at a full 2.5 kV isolation. Features of both demo boards are:
    • MSOP isolators for high density
    • Input voltage: 11 – 14 V
    • Output voltage: 3.3 V
    • Output current: 750 mA
    • Switching frequency: 130 kHz
    • Approx. one square inch boards

 SMPS1-01: IL711/IL610 MSOP Isolated 2.5W SMPS Demo Board

 SMPS2-01: 2.5 kV MSOP Isolated 2.5W SMPS Demo Board

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