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Overview Videos

Sensor Videos

Play Video Video  High-Resolution
Magnetometer ADCs (3:00)
  Play Video Video  Magnetometers
for Arduinos (4:00)
  Play Video Video  TMR Noncontact
Magnetic Encoders (3:10)
  Play Video Video  Simple Tachometer
and Motor Diagnostics (2:52)
  Play Video Video  Isolated H-bridge
Motor Control (5:12)
  Play Video Video  Angle and current sensing
for motor control (2:18)
  Play Video Video  I²C Magnetic Sensors (3:47)   Play Video Video  Noncontact ABZ TMR
Magnetic Encoder Sensor (4:31)
  Play Video Video  AET500 Magnetic Linear
Encoder Demonstration (4:00)
  Play Video Video  GMR Switch™ Smart
Chess Board (2:57)
  Play Video Video  ASR012 Smart I2C
TMR Angle Sensor (3:00)
  Play Video Video  The AHK991 High-Field
TMR Switch for Security (2:10)
  Play Video Video  ADT-Series 3-Volt
TMR Magnetic Switch (1:54)
  Play Video Video  Off-Axis Angle Sensing
"Blinky" Demo (3:43)
  Play Video Video  AHT-Series Nanopower
TMR Magnetic Switches (2:22)
  Play Video Video  Pneumatic Cylinder
PID Control
Using Smart Sensors (2:33)
  Play Video Video  Pneumatic Cylinder
Proportional Control
Using Smart Sensors (2:25)
  Play Video Video  Pneumatic Cylinder Servo
Using Smart Sensors (2:21)
  Play Video Video  Smart Sensor Pneumatic
Cylinder Limit Switch (1:50)
  Play Video Video  Intrusion Detection
with a Smart Sensor (2:12)
  Play Video Video  Single-Sensor
Reciprocating Actuator (2:24)
  Play Video Video  Off-axis Angle Sensing (4:02)   Play Video Video  Demos at Sensors Expo,
June 2019 (3:13)
  Play Video Video  Detecting Tiny Gear Teeth (02:36)   Play Video Video  Self-Contained
Magnetometer Programmer (02:43)
  Play Video Video  Mechatronic Xylophone
Using ASR002
Smart Sensors (03:01)
  Play Video Video  Smart Angle Sensor
Eval Kit (01:57)
  Play Video Video  ASR002 TMR Smart
Angle Sensor --First Look (02:44)
  Play Video Video  GMR Current Sensor /
Microcontroller Evaluation
Board (04:17)
  Play Video Video  SM124-10E Smart GMR
Magnetometer (first look) (03:37)
  Play Video Video  The ridiculously simple
SM124 Smart Magnetometer
I2C interface (01:41)
  Play Video Video  Over-Trace High
Current Sensing (02:03)
  Play Video Video  Sensors Midwest TMR
Sensor Demos (03:24)
  Play Video Video  World's First TMR
Smart Magnetometer (03:48)
  Play Video Video  Blinky-Flashy
Angle Sensor Demo (02:26)
  Play Video Video  A Magnetometer Driving
a Huge LED Array(02:35)
  Play Video Video  AAT Angle Sensor Driving
a Circular LED Array (01:59)
  Play Video Video  GMR Sensor Interface to
Bluetooth Low-Energy (01:54)
  Play Video Video  GMR Sensor to ATtiny
Interface (02:39)
  Play Video Video  AAL024 New Noncontact
Current Sensor (03:41)
  Play Video Video  Noncontact AC
Current Sensing (01:47)
  Play Video Video  Arduino Noncontact GMR
Current Sensing (02:36)
  Play Video Video  A Digital Power Monitor
IC and GMR
Current Sensor (03:09)
  Play Video Video  AAK001 High-Field
GMR Magnetometer Sensor (02:04)
  Play Video Video  AAT101 Full-Bridge
TMR Angle Sensor (03:09)
  Play Video Video  Linear Position
Sensing with an
AAT003 TMR Sensor (02:52)
  Play Video Video  Annual Meeting Demos:
Low-Power Transceiver and
Low-Field Magnetic Switch (01:14)
  Play Video Video  Angle Sensor on a
Lego Car (02:47)
  Play Video Video  AFL006 Magnetic Switch
Demonstration (02:35)
  Play Video Video  Current sensing
Web application (2:54)
  Play Video Video  Field vs. magnet distance
Web application (02:06)
  Play Video Video  Ampere's Law and a Bipolar
Current Sensor (02:32)
  Play Video Video  Angle sensor/Arduino/laptop
computer demonstration (02:19)
  Play Video Video  Magnetic Levitation
With GMR Sensors (02:31)
  Play Video Video  GMR Low-Field
Magnetic Sensors (02:42)
  Play Video Video  ADL021 Nanopower Magnetic
Switch Mini Evaluation Board (02:03)
  Play Video Video  ADL-Series Nanopower Magnetic
Sensor Evaluation Kit (02:31)
  Play Video Video  New ADT-Series TMR
Rotation Sensors (03:25)
  Play Video Video  Nanopower magnetic sensors
run (almost) forever on a
watch battery (02:03)
  Play Video Video  ADL-Series Nanopower Magnetic
Sensor Demonstration (01:56)
  Play Video Video  Digital, Analog, Omnipolar, and
Bipolar GMR Magnetic Sensors (03:00)
  Play Video Video  AA-Series GMR Analog Magnetic
Field Sensor Demonstration (01:35)
  Play Video Video  AAT003 Angle Sensor and
Arduino Controlling
Camera Rotation (03:04)
  Play Video Video  Ridiculously Low-Power Angle
Sensor Powered by a Blueberry (03:14)
  Play Video Video  Interfacing Angle Sensors
to Microcontrollers (05:06)
  Play Video Video  Angle Sensor Demo at
Sensor+Test 2016 (01:34)
  Play Video Video  New TMR Rotation Sensor (02:15)   Play Video Video  Look-up Tables
for Sensors (02:37)
  Play Video Video  High-Sensitivity Magnetic
Sensor Demo for 2016
Sensor+Test Fair (01:32)
  Play GMR Switch Video Video  GMR Switches (01:39)   Play Video on Foolproofing Sensor Systems Video  Foolproof Sensors (02:00)   Play GT Sensor Video Video  Gear-tooth Sensors (02:33)   Play Bipolar Sensor Video Video  Bipolar vs. Omnipolar
Magnetic Sensors (01:40)
  Play TMR Angle Sensor Video Video  TMR Angle Sensors (01:59)   Play Water Meter Sensor Video Video  Water Meter Sensors (02:44)   Play ULLGA Sensor Video Video  ULLGA Ultraminiature
Sensors (01:20)
  Play Angle Sensor Demo Video Video  Angle Sensor Demo (02:34)   Play Sensor Demo Video Video  GMR Switch Sensor
Demonstration (02:14)
  Play AKL Demo Video Video  AKL-Series Gear-Tooth
Sensor Demonstration (02:42)
  Play AAT Simple Demo Video Video  AAT Angle Sensor
Simple Demonstration (01:31)
  Play GT Sensor Demo Video Video  GT Sensor Live Demo (04:32)   Play Angle Sensor Demo Video Video  GMR Switch Live Demo (02:13)   Play CPS Demo Video Video  CPS Sensor Live Demo (03:22)   Play 2-Wire Video Video  2-Wire Sensor Interfaces (03:30)   Play Video Video  Axial Turbine Sensor
Demonstration (02:02)
  Play Video Video  Sensing Current Through
a Circuit Board Trace (02:49)
  Play Video Video  Arduino Angle Sensor
Servo Demonstration (03:34)
  Play Video Video  Magnetic Field vs.
Distance (02:23)
  Play Video Video  Magnetic Sensors
for Arduino (02:49)
  Play Video Video  Water Meter Sensor
Demonstration (02:18)
  Play Video Video  Bipolar Latching
Magnetic Proximity
Sensor Demonstration (03:08)
  Play Video Video  Analog Gear Tooth Sensor
Reference Circuit (02:19)
  Play Video Video  Magnetic Overcurrent
Sensing (02:19)
  Play Video Video  Tomato-Powered
Angle Sensor (02:05)
  Play Video Video  Magnets for Sensor
Systems (03:08)

Isolator Videos

Play Video Video  Isolated H-bridge
Motor Control (5:12)
  Play Video Video  Complementary Regulators
for an Isolated DC-DC Convertor (2:59)
  Play Video Video  Isolated RS-485
transceiver with
integrated DC-DC convertor (3:14)
  Play Video Video  SPI Isolation (1:55)   Play Video Video  5-Volt RS-485 Isolation
Using the World’s Smallest
Isolated DC-DC Convertor (1:38)
  Play Video Video  World’s Smallest
DC-DC Convertor (3:14)
  Play Video Video  IL3685 Problem-Free
Power-Up and Power-Down (2:00)
  Play Video Video  Isolated RS-485
Evaluation Boards (2:07)
  Play Video Video  Fast, ultraminiature
isolated CAN FD transceiver (1:20)
  Play Video Video  Ultrahigh CMTI Isolators (2:47)   Play Video Video  Ultralow power
TMR Isolators (1:26)
  Play Video Video  Low-Power Isolator in
4-20 mA Current Loops (02:05)
  Play Video Video  Isolated 4-20 mA to
RS-485 Interfaces (02:07)
  Play Video Video  Isolator EMI Demo (01:42)   Play Video Video  Annual Meeting Demos:
Low-Power Transceiver and
Low-Field Magnetic Switch (01:14)
  Play Video Video  World's Lowest-Power Isolated
RS-485 Transceiver (03:03)
  Play Video Video  NVE vs. ADI Isolator
Jitter Demonstration (01:45)
  Play Video Video  World's Fastest Isolated RS-485
Transceiver Demonstration (01:55)
  Play Video Video  World's Smallest
Isolated CAN Transceiver
Demonstration (01:50)
  Play Video Video  Monolithic Isolator
Die Demonstration (02:29)
  Play Video Video  Surge Immunity
Demonstration (02:59)
  Play Video Video  Isolator Working Voltage
Demonstration (03:03)
  Play Video Video  Isolator Barrier
Resistance (04:08)
  Play Video Video  6kV High Voltage
Isolator Demonstration (03:10)
  Play Bipolar Sensor Video Video  Switched-Mode
Power Supply Isolation (06:36)
  Play Bipolar Sensor Video Video  Isolator High-Voltage
Standards (03:45)
  Play Bipolar Sensor Video Video  Isolator Transient
Immunity (03:31)
  Play Video Video  Isolator High-Voltage
Endurance (03:44)
  Play Video Video  True 8™
Isolator Creepage (03:37)
  Play Video Video  Isolator Barrier Life (02:06)   Play Video Video  How IsoLoop Isolators
Work (02:18)
  Play Video Video  IsoLoop® IL600-Series
Isolator Overview (01:31)
  Play Video Video  IsoLoop® IL700-Series
Isolator Overview (03:45)
  Play Video Video  Low-Jitter Isolation (01:26)   Play Video Video  Isolator Speed Metrics
Explained (04:13)
  Play Video Video  Megabaud vs. Megahertz (01:24)   Play Video Video  RS-485 Tips (04:03)   Play Video Video  PCB Layout Tips (02:02)   Play Video Video  SPI Isolation (02:03)   Play Video Video  CAN Isolation (02:02)