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Isolated PLCs

Channel-to-channel digital signal isolation is often required in PLCs and similar applications where the reference ground of each channel may be different. Traditional optocouplers, however, degrade performance by increasing timing parameters such as PWD, propagation delay, and skew. IL600/IL600A Isolators provide excellent channel-to-channel isolation with little timing degradation.

In addition to 2,500 Vrms input-to-output withstand voltage, IL600-Series Isolators provide outstanding isolation of 400 Vrms between adjacent channels. With two channels available in the tiny MSOP footprint, more functionality can be crammed into a smaller space without sacrificing channel-to-channel or ground-to-ground isolation.

As this diagram shows, the data line is powered by the signal, so no input power supply is required:

 Application Bulletin: IL600-Series Isolators for Channel-to-Channel Isolation

 IL600-Series Isolator selector guide

 IL600-Series data sheet

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