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Corporate Identity
Large NVE Logo

NVE Trademarks
“NVE,” the NVE logo, and “IsoLoop” are registered trademarks of NVE Corporation. Other NVE trademarks include “AT-MRAM,” “GMR Switch,” and “GT Sensor.”

The NVE Name and Logo
NVE stands for Nonvolatile Electronics. “Nonvolatile” refers to memories that retain data even when power is removed. The three stripes in the NVE logo are spaced from, but coupled to, the “E” for “Electronics,” suggesting the electron spin-coupling quantum effect that enables spintronics.

The stylized NVE letters and “NVE Corporation” text are set in Helvetica typeface. Helvetica was introduced in 1957; its name is derived from the Latin name for Switzerland. The 50th anniversary of the font was celebrated in 2007 with an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Other iconic logos set in the same typeface include Microsoft, 3M, and American Airlines.

Corporate Color
The NVE logo is Pantone 293 blue. NVE’s blue follows the State of Minnesota’s official color scheme (“Minnesota” is from a Dakota word meaning sky-blue water). It is also the primary color in the official branding style of Hennepin County, which is where NVE is headquartered. Other logos using the same shade of blue include BMW, Ikea, and FORTUNE Magazine. Blue is said to represent knowledge, power, integrity and purpose. It is brilliant, dynamic and innovative.

Printed Materials
NVE printed materials mirror its logo’s clean, classic look. Titles and headings are generally set in Helvetica to match the logo. The preferred body text font is Times, which was commissioned by the Times of London in 1931 and has been popular ever since.