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Isolator Articles

Optocoupler Replacement with Digital Isolators

Optical Isolators Compared: Bye-Bye Optocoupler?
Elektronik International

Bye Bye Optokoppler? (German)

NVE Focuses on Spintronics for Smaller, Smarter, Lower-Power Products
Magnetics Business & Technology

Spintronic Sensors in Transportation
Intermag 2017

Switch Mode Power (.pdf)
Electronic Specifier Power

CAN-Transceiver grüner und störfester (German; .pdf)
CAN Transceiver greener and more rugged (English translation; .pdf)
WA3000 Industrial Automation

SEE and TID Results for Commercial Non-Opto Galvanic Isolators for Space Application (.pdf; ©IEEE)
2011 IEEE Radiation Effects Data Workshop

Rugged CAN xceiver IC is fully isolated
Hearst Electronic Products

Passive input digital isolator with CMOS outputs (Danish)
Aktuel Elektronik

Was kommt nach dem Optokoppler? Datenkoppler im Vergleich (What comes after the Optokoppler? A data coupler comparison) (German; .pdf)

NVE Introduces World’s Smallest Isolated CAN Transceiver
Electronic Specifier

NVE Introduces Isolated CAN Transceiver
Electronic Specifier

Isoleret high-speed CAN transceiver (Danish)
Elektronik & Data

Galvanisch isolierter CAN-Transceiver (German)
Elektronik Informationen

Datenkoppler für Device-Net und CAN-Bus (German)

Riesen-Effekt: GMR als Ersatz für Optokoppler nutzen (cover story; German)

GMR-Technik entkoppelt Schnittstellen zuverlässig (German; .pdf)
Elektronik Praxis

GMR—hvis man er træt af optokoblere (Danish; .pdf)
Aktuel Elektronik

GMR i signal-isolatorer (Danish)
Electronic Supply

Magnetiske Koblere Erstatter Optokoblere i Industriel Datakommunikation (Danish; .pdf)
Aktuel Elektronik

GMR i Signalisolatorer (Swedish; .pdf)
Elektronik i Norden

Digital isolators reach 2 Mbps, pack in as many as four channels (IL500-Series)

Digital isolators target optocouplers (IL500-Series)
Electronic Products

NVE’s digital isolators break speed records (IL700S-Series)
EE Product News

Digital isolators offer high data rate (IL700S-Series)
Electronic Products

Monolithic digital coupler is small but intense (.pdf)

Monolithic couplers are industry's first (IL600-3 / IL600-5)
Electronic Products

Dense Optical Couplers Offer 10-ns Response (IL261)
Electronic Design

Solid-state coupler proves channel-density champ (IL261)
Electronic Products

Isolation IC is tight, fast, and furious

Quad Bench Power Supply using an "Ideal Isolator" from NVE
Circuit Cellar Magazine

You're Not Alone: Dealing with Isolation (.pdf)
Circuit Cellar Magazine

IL422 Transceiver
Electronic Products

Magnetic Couplers in Industrial Systems
Sensors Magazine

NVE Device Named Product of the Month

Run RS-485 Connections At 35 Mbaud
Electronic Design

IL485 Transceiver
Electronic Products

Isolator Product Announcements

NVE Introduces Transceivers with Integrated DC-DC Convertors

NVE Launches World’s Smallest DC-DC Convertor

New Low-Power Isolators from NVE Corporation

NVE Corporation Awarded IATF 16949 Letter of Conformance

NVE Launches Low-Power Isolator Family—Typical total quiescent current only 0.3 milliamps per channel

NVE Announces Low-Power Isolators (IL01x-Series TMR Isolators)

NVE Introduces Low-Power Isolated RS-485 Transceiver—New part draws less than one-third the supply current of standard products

NVE Introduces 40 Mbps QSOP RS-485 Transceiver—New part billed as the world’s fastest and smallest isolated RS-485 transceiver

NVE Introduces Low-Cost RS-422 Transceiver

NVE Introduces Six-Kilovolt Isolators

NVE Introduces Family of World’s Smallest 2.5 Kilovolt Isolators

NVE Introduces 5 kV Five-Channel Isolators

NVE Introduces 5 kV Two-Channel Isolators

NVE Granted Isolator Patent

NVE Introduces World’s Smallest 2.5 kV Isolators

NVE Introduces World’s Smallest Isolated Bus Transceivers

NVE Introduces High-Voltage Isolators—New V-Series Isolators provide best-in-class high-voltage performance of 5000 volts isolation and 1000 working volts

NVE Introduces Isolated Current Sensor—AAV004-02E packs best-in-class performance in SOIC8 package

NVE Introduces QSOP Isolators—New parts are the world’s densest high-performance isolators

NVE IsoLoop® Isolators Certified by VDE

NVE Introduces True 8 mm Creepage Bidirectional Isolators

NVE Introduces Low-Cost Isolated RS-485 Transceivers

NVE Introduces Narrow-Body Isolated RS-485 and PROFIBUS Transceivers

NVE Introduces Wide-Body Version of Low-Power Isolated CAN Transceiver

NVE Introduces Low-Power Isolated CAN Transceivers

NVE Granted Coupler Patent (patent number 7,952,345)

NVE Granted Coupler Patent (patent number 7,808,062)

NVE Introduces World’s Smallest Isolated CAN Transceiver
IsoLoop IL41050T now available in 16-pin narrow-body SOIC package

NVE Introduces Isolated CAN Transceiver
IsoLoop IL41050T features small package and best-in-class loop delay

IL500 Isolators Named a Hot 100 Product

NVE Introduces New Isolator Family (IL500-Series)

NVE Corporation and Braemac CA Announce Distribution Agreement

NVE Announces Distribution Agreement With Takumi Shoji Co., Ltd.

NVE Announces IsoLoop Couplers Now Available Through ELFA AB

NVE Announces Distribution Agreement With Newark InOne

NVE Introduces World’s Fastest MSOP Isolators

NVE's IL600 Series named EDN Hot Product (.pdf)

NVE Introduces World's First Monolithic Couplers

NVE Introduces World's Densest Solid-State Coupler

IsoLoops Recognized PROFIBUS Compatible.
(systems incorporating IsoLoops certified by the Institut fur Informationstechnik)

NVE Ships Industry's Smallest and Fastest Isolated RS-422 Device

NVE Ships Industry's Fastest Isolated RS-485 Transceiver