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In the News (prior to 2000)

June 10, 1999
GMR Isolator for Digital Lines Keeps “Nasties” Away
“Galvanic isolation is your defense, and you can now add another tool to your isolation kit...”

June 1999
Giant Magnetoresistance Devices Move In (.pdf)
The Industrial Physicist
“The discovery of GMR and advances in GMR materials have led to its current and potential commercial applications for sensors, read heads, nonvolatile memory, and galvanic isolators.”

March 1999
Computer RAM Chips That Hold Memory When Power Is Off
NIST Special Publication 950-1
“Researchers at NVE saw the use of GMR materials as a way to achieve advances in signal strength, and they made important advances in the producibility of GMR materials.”

December 1, 1998
NVE Receives NIST Award
Electronic Design
“The project is expected to lead to the miniaturization of one of the few remaining components that has not kept pace with this trend in the electronics industry.”

June 4, 1998
Fight Corruption, Preserve Purity With Analog-Signal Isolation (.pdf)
“For years, analog designers have dreamed of ways to transmit signals across an isolation barrier without modulation. Now, sensors that use the giant magnetoresistive (GMR) effect offer that promise... Because the technology for depositing coils atop silicon chips now also exists, another dream of analog designers—monolithic isolation amplifiers—is finally also within reach.”

Spring 1998
GMR Sensors Hit the Highway
“Nonvolatile Electronics, Inc. is marketing a low-cost line of tiny, power-efficient magnetic sensors that offer greater sensitivity and temperature stability...”

August 15, 1996
Sensors and Coded Particles Foil Counterfeiters
“Two companies have devised ways to foil counterfeiters who forge money and high-value items...”

Summer 1995
Deal Advances New Computer Memory
“A new class of computer memory devices that combine the durability of magnetic storage with the small packaging and fast access times of silicon memory chip technology has come one step closer to the marketplace, thanks to a teaming agreement between the electronics giant Motorola and Nonvolatile Electronics, Inc.”

Summer 1994
Sensitive Sensors
“Nonvolatile Electronics, Inc., or NVE (Plymouth, MN), plans this summer to produce magnetic field sensors from a new material that makes them more sensitive than current sensors.”

April 17, 1994
Magnetic Field of Dreams
“Daughton, formerly a scientist at both IBM and Honeywell Inc., founded NVE in 1989 with the dream of using magnetoresistance to store information as tiny bits of magnetism. That’s radically different from dynamic random-access memory chips, which use a capacitor to hold information as electrical energy.”

January 5, 1990
Highly Magnetoresistive Thin Film Multilayers [NVE’s first Government contract]
National Science Foundation
“The objective of this program is to synthesize a thin film multilayer composite material with a magnetoresistive effect up to ten times the magneto-resistance ratio of permalloy material.”

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