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In the News (2008)

December 5, 2008
GMR i Signalisolatorer (Swedish; .pdf)
Elektronik i Norden
“GMR process ger elektronikkonstructoren till de mest avancerade och anpassningsbara signalisolatorer som överhuvudtaget finns, speciellt i jamforelse med optokopplarlosningar...”

October 10, 2008
Microsized “giant” drives new rapid-screening device
Analytical Chemistry
“...researchers at the University of Utah, Iowa State University, and NVE Corp. have developed a high-speed assay system amenable to on-site screening of biological samples.”

July 17, 2008
Digital isolators reach 2 Mbps, pack in as many as four channels
(IsoLoop IL500 series couplers)
“Using optocouplers is a common, inexpensive method of signal isolation, but your application may be unable to tolerate optocouplers’ tendency to degrade with age and temperature.”

July 16, 2008
Minnesota DEED Opens Office of Science and Technology
Manufacturing Success
“They [NVE and two other Minnesota firms] were among 55 companies nationwide that received Tibbetts Awards (a national SBIR award) last year for bringing technological innovations to the marketplace.”

May 2008
GMR Sensor Tackles High-Speed Motion
Industrial Embedded Systems
“This interesting case study depicts an R&D team that collaborated with a university to develop a new industrial sensor based on Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) technology...”

March 11, 2008
NVE Corporation Nano Stock Gearing up for Mega Growth
Seeking Alpha
“Riddle me this, Batman: what do you get when you cross the density of DRAM with the speed of SRAM and non-volatility of FLASH?”

NVE Corporation Case Study
National Research Council (US) Committee for Capitalizing on Science, Technology, and Innovation: An Assessment of the Small Business Innovation Research Program
“This small company traces its origins to a very large company, Honeywell, Inc.”

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