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In the News (2010)

November 8, 2010
America’s 100 Best Small Companies
“Our list of the 100 Best Small Companies in America assembles outfits with remarkable sales and earnings growth.”

October 12, 2010
Revenge of the overpaid CEOs
CNN Money
“...companies led by underpaid CEOs, such as Daniel Baker of nanotechnologist NVE, posted an average stock gain of 143%—more than triple the gain of overpayers...”

August 13, 2010
NVE Grows Inside, Outside of HQ
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
“NVE Corp., a maker of tiny sensors used in products ranging from pacemakers to industrial equipment, is expanding within its Eden Prairie headquarters as it prepares to boost manufacturing.”

August 9, 2010
Highest Operating Margin in the Semiconductors Industry Detected in Shares of NVE
Investor’s Business Daily
“NVE has an operating margin of 57.9% on trailing 12 months sales...”

August 2010
Shapes of Things to Come?
Twin Cities Business
“NVE is a really good-looking, longer-term situation.”

July 30, 2010
Special Report: Overpaid/Underpaid CEOs
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
NVE CEO Daniel Baker ranked as the second most underpaid CEO in Minnesota “according to analysis of CEO compensation and company performance for the state’s 100 largest public companies.”
[Chart of Underpaid CEOs (.pdf)]    [Accompanying Article]

July 12, 2010
Klobuchar touts U of M as a model for applying academic research to successful commercial products
“Executives from BH Electronics in Burnsville and NVE Corp. of Eden Prairie also met with [U.S. Senator Amy] Klobuchar to describe how their companies have used the [University of Minnesota Nanofabrication] Centerís facilities and equipment.”

July 8, 2010
Klobuchar calls for increased funding for research at University
The Minnesota Daily
“John Myers, the Vice President of Development for Eden Prairie-based NVE Corporation, took the opportunity to discuss some of the nanotechnology products his company has developed, as well as the University’s integral role in their production.”

July 1, 2010
Taking a Byte of NVE Corp.
“...net income has grown at a rapid compounded annual growth rate, or CAGR, of nearly 71%, while revenue increased at a CAGR of 23%.”

June 27, 2010
Double dip: For 2nd year, average CEO pay drops
Star Tribune
NVE CEO Daniel Baker’s compensation ranked 97th out of the chief executive officers of the 100 largest publicly-held companies in Minnesota.

June 22, 2010
10 Companies Least Likely to Go Bankrupt
TheStreet ranks companies trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, or American Stock Exchange that have a minimum $10 million market cap with the highest Altman z-score...”

June 1, 2010
Three-axis Vector Magnetometer with Novel Z-axis Sensor
National Science Foundation Award Abstract
“The broader impact/commercial potential of this [NVE] project would be significant in that many areas from navigation, biomedical, security to consumer electronics....”

May 18, 2010
Three Aggressive-Growth Chip Stocks
“Here’s a look at the stocks of three fast-growth semiconductor companies.”

May 7, 2010
Despite drop, Minnesota firms still up for the year
Star Tribune
“Only five Minnesota companies rose by 1 percent or more, including NVE Corp., a nanotechnology manufacturer...”

April 28, 2010
Coming aboard—Acquisitions, relocations and slipping sales all contributed to a year of turnover for Minnesota’s biggest public companies
Star Tribune
“Way to grow—Revenue jumped 19.1 percent at nanotechnology firm NVE Corp., which allowed it to debut this year at No. 96.”

February 25, 2010
Top Five Semiconductor Stocks Rated ‘Buy’
TheStreet’s quantitative equity model considers the following five stocks the best-in-breed of the semiconductor industry.”

January 22, 2010
NVE Updates on Anti-Tamper MRAM Research
“The [MRAM] prototypes look promising so far although a fair amount of development remains before production.”

January 2010
Giant Effect: GMR as a Replacement for Optocoupler Applications (cover story; German)
“For such a young technology, IsoLoop couplers are already in a very wide range of uses.”
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January 5, 2010
NVEC: Profiting from Electronic Eyes, Nerves & Brains
Seeking Alpha
“NVE’s microscopic technology enables the transmission, acquisition, and storage of data across a broad array of applications.”

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