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In the News (2001)

November 9, 2001
The Color of Money -- Using Magnetic Media Detection to Identify Currency
Sensors Magazine
“Magnetic sensing systems are good at identifying counterfeit currency and other negotiable documents.”

October 8, 2001
The Virtue of Patience
Minnesota Business
“After 12 years in business, NVE Corp. is now starting to hit full stride.”

October 4, 2001
NVE Signs Agreement With Agilent
The Business Journal
“Agilent will pay over $1 million in fees and advance payments in the first year of the agreement.”

September 4, 2001
Opposites Attract (.pdf)
Department of the Navy SBIR/STTR Successes
“The sensor will provide both absolute and gradient magnetic field data to facilitate the location and classification of buried materials.”

August 27, 2001
Pioneer Looks to 2004 Liftoff for MRAMs
Electronic Engineering Times
“...companies such as Honeywell and Motorola, which licensed NVE’s technology a few years ago, are pressing forward.”

May 30, 2001
Japanese co. invests in MN firm’s magnetic tech.
Finance & Commerce
“Computing with magnetism is beginning to attract more attention.”

May 29, 2001
NVE Receives Equity Investment From Japanese Customer
The Business Journal
“...NVE Corp. entered into an agreement for an equity investment with Tokyo-based K.K.Rocky Group in the form of a private placement...”

January 2001
A DNA array sensor utilizing magnetic microbeads and magnetoelectronic detection (.pdf)
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (Naval Research Laboratory)
“We currently use a GMR sensor chip fabricated by Nonvolatile Electronics, Inc.”

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