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In the News (2000)

November 28, 2000
NVE Corp. Launches
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

“The surviving public company is Eden Prairie-based NVE Corp., a manufacturer of electronics components, specializing in the combination of magnetically sensitive materials with integrated circuits.”

Summer 2000
Magnetic Biosensor Evolves from Materials Research
“Nonvolatile Electronics, Inc. (NVE; Eden Prairie, MN), is developing a magnetic bio-sensor which is accurate, portable, and less expensive than conventional laboratory-based laser and optical systems used to count biological species. The biosensor will be the latest development in a number of commercial products to evolve from giant magnetoresistive (GMR) materials research funded under BMDO’s SBIR program.”

April 3, 2000
“Instant-On” Memory Device May Give Hard Drive the Boot
Los Angeles Times
“The Navy has contracted with the small Minnesota firm of Nonvolatile Electronics Inc. to develop the technology to produce the [memory] devices on a commercial scale.”

March 22, 2000
Computer Memory at Warp Speed
Business Week
“VRAM could make the boot-up grind history—and make pioneer Nonvolatile Electronics an industry player.”

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