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In the News (2018)

December 18, 2018
Hedge Funds Are Crazy About NVE Corporation
Insider Monkey
“NVE Corporation has experienced an increase in enthusiasm from smart money of late.”

December 10, 2018
Should You Worry About NVE Corporationís CEO Salary Level?
Simply Wall St.
“Daniel Baker is paid less than what is normal at similar size companies, and the total shareholder return has been pleasing over the last three years.”

October 30, 2018
NVE Corporation: Solving Challenges And Unlocking Potential
Seeking Alpha
“NVE is a rare investment opportunity.”

September 14, 2018
Minnesota seeks more small-technology business grant applications
“Only about 15 percent of applicants get funding. At least two Minnesota firms that received SBIR grants eventually grew to be publicly owned companies: NVE Corp. and SurModics.”

September 14, 2018
Internship Spotlight: NVE Corporation, Eden Prairie
Minnesota High Tech Association
“Thereís value to having bright, enthusiastic, creative people on your team...”

July 22, 2018
NVE Corporation: Perceptions, Misperceptions And The Truth
Seeking Alpha
“NVE's share price had been on a surprising climb in the nine weeks prior to July.”

July 5, 2018
Growth Meets Value at NVE Corporation
Seeking Alpha
“Smaller sensors and couplers with higher sensitivity and power efficiency will replace the traditional ones in the long run as circuit boards get smaller.”

May 5, 2018
NVE Corporation: An Alt-Musk Approach To The Earnings Call
Seeking Alpha
“...CEOs like Dan Baker of NVE Corporation, a global leader in spintronics technology. Mr. Baker is consistently humble about his company’s potential. Often, nuggets of potential are sprinkled into the call without fanfare.”

April 6, 2018
List Leaders: MN’s largest public companies, ranked by return on revenue
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
“Eden Prairie-based NVE Corp. leads the pack with a 45 percent ROR.”

January 29, 2018
Many local stocks shine over the long haul
Star Tribune
(NVE had a ten-year total return of 278%, in the top ten of Minnesota public companies and more than double the return of major stock indexes)

January 23, 2018
NVE Corporation: The Certification Difference
Seeking Alpha
“NVE believes its sensors and couplers provide advantages to the automotive industry compared to conventional options.”

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