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In the News (2003)

November 21, 2003
NVE’s CEO Interviewed by Rita Maloney on KCCO Radio
“We pride ourselves on making spintronics practical.”

November 12, 2003
The next big thing is very, very tiny—7 companies at work on the future
MSN Money
“The company holds patents on several aspects of the technology behind spintronics...”

November 10, 2003
Tiny Miracles
“There are relatively few pure nanoplays now public. One good one is NVE, an Eden Prairie, Minn. company that develops electronic memory using the spin of electrons.”

October 2003
Eden Prairie-Based NVE Corp. is Poised to Become a Leader in the Next Generation of Microelectronics Applications
Minnesota Technology Magazine
“While the bulk of its sales still come from defense work, the company is gaining traction in commercial applications...”

September 22, 2003
NVE Chairman Terry Glarner wins top director award
The Business Journal
“If Terrence Glarner ever slows down long enough for you to get a peek, you'll see what many describe as the ideal board member.”

August 21, 2003
The Next Memory-Chip Giant
“ ‘This is a new kind of RAM,’ [Tobin] Smith says. ‘It’s 100 times faster, 100 times denser and it’s not volatile.’ ”

March 10, 2003
NVE gets ready to clean up when memory enters the spin cycle
Small Times
“ ‘Spintronics is definitely real,’ [Chad] Bennett said. ‘It is still a little bit ‘Star Trekkish’ but it is definitely coming.’ ”

March 3, 2003
High-Resolution, Chip-Size Magnetic Sensor Arrays
“...single-chip arrays of magnetic sensors are new.”

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