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In the News (2009)

December 2009
GMR-Technik entkoppelt Schnittstellen zuverlässig (German; .pdf)
Elektronik Praxis
“GMR technology dependably isolates interfaces.”

November/December 2009
Simply the Best
Medical Product Manufacturing News
“Smaller than reed sensors, these sensors can also provide more magnetic sensitivity and more-precise operate points.”

November 11, 2009
Forbes Best Small Companies for 2009: Part I
Seeking Alpha
“Organically fast growing company / FCF [Free Cash Flow] growth huge / CROIC [Cash Return On Invested Capital] is excellent as well / Tangible shareholders equity has been increasing at an incredible rate.”

November 2, 2009
Top 20 Small Public Companies In America
“This Eden Prairie, Minn., company uses nanotechnology to make miniature sensors (some weighing less than a mosquito) for medical devices.”

September 24, 2009
Cramer’s Calls
CNBC Mad Money
“The company has switched from offering largely research-and-development services to selling products of its own, and last quarter sales were up 41% while net income grew 54%.”

August 31, 2009
Zacks Earnings and Margins Strategy Highlights
“The Zacks #1 Rank company enjoys a net margin of 42%, indicating that it is a solid company with good earnings. Moreover, NVEC sports an average broker rating of 1 and an impressive growth rate of 35.10%. NVEC is a recognized leader in the practical commercialization of spintronics.”

August 28, 2009
NVE Corporation: Spinning Towards a Better Future
“NVE Corporation may not be the most well-known technology company in the world, but its products could pave the way towards smaller, more rugged devices that consume less power.”

August 21, 2009
GMR—hvis man er træt af optokoblere (Danish; .pdf)
Aktuel Elektronik
“Der findes et utal af applikationer, hvor man har brug for at skille en signalvej galvanisk ad. Transformatorer og optokoblere er gængse løsninger, men der findes et spændende alternativ i form af GMR, giant magneto resistance, der kommer fra NVE Corporation.”

July 2009
Nine Minnesota Companies Among Fastest Growing
Twin Cities Business
Ranked first in Minnesota on a list of  “America’s 100 Fastest-Growing Small Public Companies.”

June 16, 2009
Nanotechnology Firm Seeks New Uses For Tiny Sensors, Couplers (registration required)
Investor’s Business Daily
“They’ve continued to blow the doors off all the metrics you can ask for.”

June 2, 2009
NVE Springs Up On Second Visit To Its 10-Week
Investor’s Business Daily
“The stock’s Relative Strength line pushed to all-time new highs.”

May 21, 2009
Under-the-Radar Tech Stocks
“NVE, another micro-cap, is holding down the fort in Eden Prairie, Minn., despite a semiconductor-industry slump.”

May 20, 2009
GMR i signal-isolatorer (Danish)
Electronic Supply
“Da GMR (Giant Magneto Resistive effect) blev opdaget i 1998 fik verden adgang til en ny teknologi med mange fordele i forhold til de traditionelle teknologier som optokoppler och capacitive Signal-isolatorer.”

May 5, 2009
Profiting From Spintronics With NVE Corp.
“...a pure-play nanotechnology stock with plenty of potential and a healthy stream of real profits.”

March 20, 2009
Top 5 Small Cap Stocks

March 13, 2009
Minnesota Stock Watch

The Business Journal
“Eden Prairie-based NVE Corp., No. 17 nationwide [on a recent list of earnings-season winners], caused its stock to rise from $21 to $25.51 by earning a record 52 cents a share in its December quarter.”

February 3, 2009
Honeywell backup system helped save USAir Flight 1549
“...successful tech firms based here that grew out of Honeywell beginnings. (Two prime examples are Secure Computing and NVE.)”

February 2009
Magnetiske Koblere Erstatter Optokoblere i Industriel Datakommunikation (Danish; .pdf)
Aktuel Elektronik
“I mange industrielle systemer volder det ofte problemer at få rene data-signaler frem til destinationen. Faktorer som ‘ground loops’, støj, ekstrem temperatur og hastighedsflaskehalse kan ofte have en dårlig effekt på data transmissionen.”

January 30, 2009
Minnesota Med-Tech Fares Better Than Retail and Manufacturing in ’08
The Business Journal
“NVE Corp., an Eden Prairie-based manufacturer of semiconductors, also defied the overall downturn in its industry.”

January 27, 2009
Five Cheap Growth Stocks
“We found five companies with shares valued modestly, relative to prospects for profit growth.”

January 11, 2009
Tiny NVE Sensors Make Big Profits
Star Tribune
“Analysts say the advantage of these [NVE] components is that they are smaller, faster and less power-hungry than conventional components...”

January 2009
Disease-Detecting Prototype Offers Rapid Results
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry
“With just a quick swipe, doctors may soon be able to test a patient for hundreds of diseases.”

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