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In the News (2007)

December 4, 2007
NVE Founder Wins Daniel E. Noble Award for MRAM
Nanotechnology Now
“James M. Daughton, Ph.D., has been named a 2008 co-recipient of the prestigious IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award.”

October 16, 2007
Three Minnesota High-Tech Firms Honored
The Hutchinson Leader
“Their ingenuity, vision and hard work have brought new products to market and new jobs and economic growth to Minnesota...”

September 7, 2007
A Brave Nanotech World
“Lux cites spintronics sensor manufacturer NVE Corp. (NVEC) and nano-encapsulation equipment maker MFIC Corp. as two of the most promising nano-caps, noting their growing revenues and solid customer bases.”

July 26, 2007
Growth Report
“NVE is a pioneer in the development of sub-atomic RAM based on spintronics or “spin-based electronics,” a nanotechnology that uses the “spin” states of electrons at the quantum level to store and transmit data.”

July 3, 2007
NVE Corp.: The Good Times Are Back
Seeking Alpha
“NVEC is a very small company (15.4 million in sales in ‘06) that experienced tremendous growth in 2003 when it posted its first profitable year and then again in 2004 when earnings more than doubled over ‘03.”

July 1, 2007
Miniature Intelligent Sensor Module [registration required]
NASA Tech Briefs
“Replicas of this unit may prove useful in industrial and manufacturing settings — especially in such large outdoor facilities as refineries.”

June 22, 2007
Changing laws, global markets, acquisitions add to execs’ growing workload
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
“For Curt Reynders of NVE Corp., every day is a little different.”

June 22, 2007
NVE Technology Makes Hearing Aids, Pacemakers Work Better [registration required]
Investor’s Business Daily
“Now, thanks to sensors made by NVE Corp., hearing aids can automatically switch modes when the wearer is talking...”

May 1, 2007
Using integrated magnetic microchip devices in IVDs
IVD Technology
“A prototype magnetic biosensor system by Diagnostic Biosensors LLC (Minneapolis) and NVE Corp. (Eden Prairie, MN).”

February 1, 2007
Magnetic Sensors Enable Noninvasive Communication With Pacemakers
Defense Tech Briefs
“GMR sensors have no known failure mechanism, allowing quicker FDA approval.”

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