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In the News (2012)

September 24, 2012
Seven Cash-Loaded Tech Stocks With Strong Earnings
Seeking Alpha
“...we reviewed tech stocks that have two assets that speak to fiscal management: strong profits and a substantial cash reserve.”

July 27, 2012
Overpaid/Underpaid CEOs
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
“...those CEOs who rank low in compensation and high in performance are considered underpaid.” (NVE CEO Daniel Baker listed as “underpaid.”)

July 27, 2012
Six Analyst Backed Tech Stocks With Cash Reserves
Seeking Alpha
“The market is full of technology companies and it can be difficult to discern the rising stars from those that are smoke and mirrors.”

July 2012
CAN Transceiver greener and more rugged (English translation; .pdf)
CAN-Transceiver grüner und störfester (German; .pdf)
WA3000 Industrial Automation

July 25, 2012
Why NVE’s Earnings Are Outstanding
The Motley Fool
“Over the past 12 months, NVE generated $11.3 million cash while it booked net income of $11.4 million. That means it turned 39.7% of its revenue into FCF. That sounds pretty impressive.”

May 2012
So misst man Winkel heute (“How One Measures Angle Today” .pdf; German)
Industrielle Automation
“The new 360° angle sensor AAT001-10E from NVE consists of two TMR sensors in half bridge control, and is the first series of its type produced in the world.”

Spring 2012
Small Sensors Spin Their Way into Common Products
TechUpdate—A Quarterly Newsletter for MDA Technology Transfer
“NVE builds MDA-funded technology into commercial success.”

January 20, 2012
Have You Seen This Technology Bust the Status Quo?
The Motley Fool
“Spintronics sounds like something out of kiddie cartoons or science fiction. By reading not just the charge but also the esoteric spin of electrons, you can pull off new electromagnetic stunts, including the creation of semiconductors and magnetic storage that’s many times more efficient than what we have today. But it isn’t science fiction.”

January 13, 2012
Top 10 Most Profitable Semiconductor Stocks
China Analyst
“NVE Corporation is the second most profitable stock in this [semiconductor] segment of the market.”

January 4, 2012
NVE files patent suit over ‘spintronics’
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
“Yes, yes, it sounds like a fitness class, but spintronics is a neat type of nanotech that uses electrons to store data. The tech could be a really big deal, which is why people are fighting over it.”

January 3, 2012
NVE Sues Rival Everspin Over Computer Memory Patents
St. Paul Pioneer Press
“The spinning electrons hold data, saving battery power and eliminating long software boot-ups because the memory is always on.”

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