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In the News (2006)

October 30, 2006
NVE Putting New Spin On Old Nanotech Idea [registration required]
Investor’s Business Daily
“...if you aren't mulling a buy of NVE, one of the developers of this relatively new technology, you certainly should...”

October 2006
Chips for Hearts, Ears, and Satellites (.pdf)
Defining Moments: U.S. Missile Defense Agency Technology Applications Report
“NVE Corp.’s investigation into magnetic computer memory has led to sensors enabling
the next generation of pacemakers and hearing aids.”

August 2006
The Next Sound You Hear
Twin Cities Business
“Developed for Starkey by Eden Prairie-based NVE Corporation, the sensors consist of layers of magnetic thin films just a few atomic layers thick—about one-third the size of the mechanical reed switches that hearing aids typically use.”

The Nanotech Pioneers: Where Are They Taking Us?
Chapter 7, pp. 110-112, Wiley-VCH, 2006
(NVE profiled as a nanotechnology pioneer)

June 2006
A New Spin on Magnetic Sensors for Medical Devices
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry
“Spintronic solid-state sensors have been used in industrial applications. New developments may make them useful for medical devices, too.”

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