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Sensor Customer Case Studies
High Sensitivity Differential Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) Based Sensor for Non-Contacting DC/AC Current Measurement (.pdf)
Sensors Journal, January 6, 2020.
An AA003 GMR analog sensor is linearized with adjustable bias for use as a current sensor.
Non-Invasive Measurement of Glaucoma Disease at Earlier Stage Through GMR Sensor AH Biomagnetic Signal From Eye and RADWT Algorithm
IEEE Sensors Journal, April 9, 2019.
An NVE sensor is used to measure the biomagnetic signal of the aqueous humor for early glaucoma detection.
Eddy Current Testing with Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) Sensors and a Pipe-Encircling Excitation for Evaluation of Corrosion under Insulation
Sensors (Basel), Oct. 2017
Three perpendicularly-aligned AA004 sensors used in an eddy current nondestructive testing system for pipes.
Analysis of a GMR-Based Plethysmograph Transducer and its Utility for Real-time Blood Pressure Measurement (.pdf)
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE, July 2017.
A “magneto-plethysmograph” uses two AA002 sensors for real-time, cuff-less measurement of blood pressure based on pulse wave propagation time.
Non-Destructive Detection of Wire Rope Discontinuities from Residual Magnetic Field Images Using the Hilbert-Huang Transform and Compressed Sensing (.pdf)
Sensors (Basel), March 2017
An array of 18 AAH002 sensors excited by small magnets placed end-to-end to form a magnetic strip are used to detect cable defects.
A Wireless Intracranial Brain Deformation Sensing System for Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury
Nature, 2015
NVE AAH002-02E sensors are used to track magnet movement to sense blast-induced traumatic brain injury.
Dual-Stage Nanopositioning for High-Speed Scanning Probe Microscopy (.pdf)
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2014
An NVE GMR analog sensor is used for extremely precise positioning.
Extending the GMR Current Measurement Range with a Counteracting Magnetic Field (.pdf)
Sensors, 2013
Magnetic bias extends the current-measurement range for an AAL002 sensor to ±45 amps. A microcontroller provides automatic scaling.
Monitoring active corrosion of metals in natural environments with magnetometry
Journal of Corrosion Science, Oct. 2012
The researchers demonstrate practical corrosion monitoring in aluminum or steel using NVE magnetic sensors.
360° Winkelmessung ist auch mit geringem Stromverbrauch moglich (“360° angle measurement is possible with low power consumption”; .pdf; German)
Industrielle Automation, 2012
An NVE AAT-001 TMR angle sensor combined with an interface IC.
A Current Sensor Based on the Giant Magnetoresistance Effect: Design and Potential Smart Grid Applications (.pdf)
Sensors (Basel), 2012
An NVE AA002 is used for a 0 to 5 amp current sensor in a magnetic ring with 99.97% linearity.
Flexible GMR Sensor Array for Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing of Steel Track Ropes (.pdf)
Journal of Sensors, 2012
An array of 12 AA004-02 sensors on a flexible circuit board was wrapped around thick steel ropes for nondestructive testing, and was demonstrated to effectively detect defects and provide spatial information for imaging.
Controller for upper-limb neuroprosthesis (.pdf)
Journal of Rehabilitation R&D, 2009
A magnetic proximity sensor using three NVE AA-Series sensors.
GT™ Sensors in High-Speed Cylinder Position Sensing
Industrial Embedded Systems, 2008
A design case study using an ABL014 sensor and MSP430 microcontroller.
GMR Sensor Tackles High-Speed Motion
Industrial Embedded Systems, 2008
A design case study using an NVE GT™ gear tooth sensor.
Texas Instruments Application Report, 2007
This report describes a rotation detector using a pair of AA002 sensors and a TI microcontroller.
Safety device uses GMR sensor (.pdf)
EDN, 2003
An NVE AA004-01 sensor used in a ground-fault interrupter.
Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) for Diffusion Bonded Components (.pdf)
Defense Technical Information Center, August 2003
An array of eight AAH002 sensors produces eddy current maps for nondestructive inspection.
GMR sensors manage batteries (.pdf)
EDN, 1999
An NVE AA004-02 used as a non-contact current sensor in a Battery Management System.