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Magnetic Sensors

Precision in an imprecise world...

Video Spintronic Magnetic Sensor Demonstration

NVE is a leader in spintronic sensors. NVE sensors are smaller, more sensitive, and more precise than conventional sensors such as Hall effect or AMR. NVE developed the first commercial spintronic GMR sensors in 1995. Since then, our product line has grown to include a range of analog sensors, digital sensors, angle sensors, gear tooth sensors, current sensors, medical sensors, sensor evaluation kits, peripheral ICs such as voltage regulators and short-circuit protection, and accessories (circuit boards and magnets). We also provide sensors with custom magnetic, electronic, and packaging specifications.

The following guide shows NVE’s sensor part numbering system
with links to selector guides:

XX X xxx - xx E
Base Part
  AA = Analog output magnetometer
  AAT = Analog TMR angle sensor
  AB = Analog output gradiometer
  AD = Digital switch
  AF = Low-voltage digital switch

  AG = Evaluation kit or PCB
  AH = 1.5 V nanopower digital switch
  AK = Digital output gradiometer
  ALT = Analog output TMR magnetometer
  ASR = Smart angle sensor
  BA = Custom analog sensor
  BD = Custom digital sensor
  DB = Digital signal processing IC
  DC = Voltage regulator
  DD = Analog signal processing IC

  SM = Smart magnetometer

  Blank = Standard GMR material
  H = High-sensitivity
  K = kOe range (high-field)

  L = Low power digital or low hysteresis analog
  T = TMR (tunneling magnetoresistance)
  V = GMR Spin-valve

Part Subtype
  (meaning depends on Base Part)

Package Type
  00 = MSOP8
  01 = Bare die
  02 = SOIC8
  06 = Bare PCB
  07 = Evaluation kit or PCA
  10 = 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm TDFN6
  11 = 3 mm x 3 mm TDFN8
  12 = 4.9 mm x 6.0 mm TDFN SO8
  14 = 1.1 mm x 1.1 mm ULLGA4

Part Package
  Blank = Lead (Pb)
  E = RoHS

Short-Form Sensor Catalog Short-Form
Sensor Catalog (.pdf)

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