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GT Sensor™ Precision Gear Tooth Sensors

NVE GT Sensors are designed for detection of gear teeth and magnetic encoder wheels in industrial speed sensing. The digital sensors use high-sensitivity, low-hysteresis GMR to detect even the smallest gear teeth and to provide a 50% duty cycle output with wide airgap and temperature tolerances. Unlike other magnetic sensing technologies, NVE's GMR sensors withstand extremely large magnetic fields.

GT Sensors are available with analog or digital outputs. Dual-output versions are available with the second output phase shifted with respect to the first for quadrature to determine direction.

MSOP8, TDFN SO8, and TDFN6 packages allow GT Sensors to fit in the tightest spaces. An evaluation kit is available with a variety of sensors, magnets, and PCBs, and a demonstrator allows you to experiment with a sensor-gear airgap.
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ABL and AKL-Series sensors are versatile, wide air gap gear-tooth sensors. The sensors are used with ferromagnetic gears and bias magnets, or with magnetic encoders.

ABL-Series analog sensors have differential sensor elements that provide sinusoidal outputs. Three standard spacings are available for use with fine and coarse pitches. Single- or double-bridge configurations are available. Double bridges generate sine and cosine outputs to provide direction information:

ABL-Series Analog Gear-Tooth Sensors
Part Number
Single or
Dual Bridge

ABL004-00 Single 1 MSOP8
ABL005-00 Single 0.5 MSOP8
ABL006-00 Single 0.3 MSOP8
ABL014-00 Dual 1 MSOP8
ABL015-00 Dual 0.5 MSOP8
ABL016-00 Dual 0.3 MSOP8
ABL004-10 Single 1 TDFN6
ABL005-10 Single 0.5 TDFN6
ABL006-10 Single 0.3 TDFN6
ABL014-10 Dual 1 TDFN6
ABL015-10 Dual 0.5 TDFN6
ABL016-10 Dual 0.3 TDFN6
Analog Gear-Tooth Sensor Output
Analog Gear-Tooth Sensor Output

AKL-Series digital sensors are configured as two-wire devices, where the supply current indicates a passing tooth. Three AKL-Series parts are available: the AKL001-12 is designed for gear teeth or encoders with a pitch of 2.5 to 6 mm, the AKL002-12 for a pitch of 1 to 2.5 mm, and the AKL003-12 for a pitch of 0.6 to 1.5 mm:

AKL-Series Digital Gear-Tooth Sensors
Part Number
Single or
Dual Bridge

AKL001-12 Single 1 TDFN8
AKL002-12 Single 0.5 TDFN8
Single 0.3 TDFN8
Digital Gear-Tooth Sensor Output
Digital Gear-Tooth Sensor Output

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