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Sensor Application Notes
Package and Pad Layout Specifications (.pdf)
Current Measurement Using GMR Sensors (.pdf)
How to use AA or AAH-Series GMR sensors for non-contact current measurement.
High-Current Sensing PCB Design (.pdf)
Optimizing PCB design for non-contact high-current sensing, including calculating trace temperature rise and producing a magnetic field in the sensor’s operating range.
ABL-Series Gear Tooth Sensors (.pdf)
Best practices and design support for NVE GT sensors.
Magnetic Encoders with NVE Sensors (.pdf)
NVE sensors are ideal for encoders with high accuracy and robust airgap tolerance. Compared to traditional optical encoders, magnetic encoders are insensitive to dust, shock, and airgap variations.
Off-Axis Angle Sensing (.pdf)
How to use NVE Angle Sensors for high-accuracy off-axis angle sensing.
Noise in TMR Magnetometers (.pdf)
NVE’s world class Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) magnetometers have the important competitive
advantage of low noise. The ALT025 TMR Magnetometer resolution is 12.5 ppm, which is the equivalent of
better than 16-bit resolution.
2-Wire Sensor Interfaces (.pdf)
How to design two-wire proximity sensor interfaces, including two reference circuits and test data.
More sensor application notes from the Sensor Catalog (.pdf)
- Competitive Technologies
- GMR Material Physics
- GMR Material Types Manufactured by NVE
- Temperature Characteristics of GMR Sensors
- Hysteresis in GMR Sensors
- GMR Magnetic Field Sensors (Magnetometers)
- GMR Magnetic Gradient Sensors (Gradiometers)
- Magnetic Reference Information
- Signal Conditioning Circuits
- Noise in NVE Giant Magnetoresistive Sensors
- Use of GMR Magnetic Field Sensors
- Application Notes for GT Sensors
- Measuring Displacement
- Current Measurement
- Magnetic Media Detection
- Currency Detection and Validation