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Sensor Application Notes
Package and Pad Layout Specifications (.pdf)
Current Measurement Using GMR Sensors (.pdf)
How to use AA or AAH-Series GMR sensors for non-contact current measurement.
High-Current Sensing PCB Design (.pdf)
Optimizing PCB design for non-contact high-current sensing, including calculating trace temperature rise and producing a magnetic field in the sensor’s operating range.
2-Wire Sensor Interfaces (.pdf)
How to design two-wire proximity sensor interfaces, including two reference circuits and test data.
More sensor application notes from the Sensor Catalog (.pdf)
- Competitive Technologies
- GMR Material Physics
- GMR Material Types Manufactured by NVE
- Temperature Characteristics of GMR Sensors
- Hysteresis in GMR Sensors
- GMR Magnetic Field Sensors (Magnetometers)
- GMR Magnetic Gradient Sensors (Gradiometers)
- Magnetic Reference Information
- Signal Conditioning Circuits
- Noise in NVE Giant Magnetoresistive Sensors
- Use of GMR Magnetic Field Sensors
- Application Notes for GT Sensors
- Measuring Displacement
- Current Measurement
- Magnetic Media Detection
- Currency Detection and Validation