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NVE Geek
N. V. e-Geek
(a.k.a. “Geek”;
a.k.a. “Dude”)
Specialty: Asking questions engineers want answered. Has appeared in NVE ads since 2001.

Idiosyncrasies: Overusing “air quotes”; “really bad” puns

Hero: “Sheldon” from “Big-Bang Theory”

Filmography: Magnetics for Geeks; “Giant” GMR Advantages; “Burrowing” into Tunneling; “Foolproof” Sensors; IL700 Isolators are “Brilliant”; “Turning” to Gear Tooth Sensors; A “Little” Info on Ultraminiature Sensors; “Attractive” Tips on Sensor System Magnets; “Baud” vs. “Hertz”; The “411” on RS-485; Getting on “Board” with ADC Layout; “I Spy” an Isolator; You “Can” Isolate CAN; Audio Isolation “Sounds” Good

Contact Info: None (carries a cellphone but forgets to turn it on)
Daniela at NVE Corp.
Specialty: Explaining technology, whether you’re interested or not.

Hobbies: PowerPoint

Hero: Al Gore, who made a second career of PowerPoint presentations

Filmography: Magnetics for the Rest of Us; GMR for Dummies; Tunneling for Idiots; MRAM for Imbeciles

Contact Info: None (doesn’t like to talk without a PowerPoint clicker)
(a.k.a. “Danno”)
Jayne at NVE Corp.
Specialty: Magnetic sensor product development and sales

Hobbies: Collecting refrigerator magnets; magnet sculptures

Hero: Carl Friedrich Gauss

Filmography: GMR Switches; Foolproof Sensors; Jayne’s GT Sensor Tips; Bipolar vs. Omnipolar Magnetic Sensors; TMR Angle Sensors; ULLGA Ultraminiature Sensors; Magnets for Sensor Systems

Contact Info: sensor-apps@nve.com; 800-GMR-7141, ext. 2
Sandy at NVE Corp.
Specialty: IsoLoop Isolator product development and application

Hobbies: Halo—The Master Chief Collection

Hometown: London, England

Filmography: How IsoLoops Work; IL700 Isolators; Sandy’s RS-485 Tips; Sandy’s PCB Layout Tips; CAN Isolation; SPI Isolation; Passive-Input Isolators; Low-Jitter Audio Isolation

Contact Info: iso-apps@nve.com; 800-GMR-7141, ext. 4
Tammy at NVE Corp.
Specialty: Isolator Product Development

Obsession: University of Minnesota football

Saddest Day Ever: January 1, 2015—The Gophers lose to the Missouri in the Citrus Bowl to drop their seventh consecutive bowl game.

Filmography: True 8 Isolators Take the “Creep” Out of Creepage

Contact Info: iso-apps@nve.com; 800-GMR-7141, ext. 4
Jamie, Test Leader at NVE Corp.
Specialty: Testing the world’s best sensors and isolators

Hobbies: Van de Graaff generators; Excel pivot tables

Hero: Nikola Tesla

Favorite Store: Mills Fleet Farm

Filmography: High-Voltage Isolator Standards; Isolator Endurance for “the Long Run”; Water Meter Sensors

Contact Info: iso-apps@nve.com
Dee, Quality Guru at NVE Corp.
Quality Guru

Hobbies: Linux computers; modern survivalism

Hero: W. Edwards Deming

Favorite Stores:
Tiffany’s; Micro Center; LensCrafters

Filmography: Isolator Reliability: Do IsoLoop Isolators really last forever?
Chris Olson
Chris Olson
Job: Spintronics Device Scientist

Bio: “His screen presence is reminiscent of a young Colin Farrell without the silly accent.”

Big Secret: Doesn’t know he’s a cartoon character.

Ph.D., Materials and Nanotechnology; North Dakota State University
B.Sc., Physics; North Dakota State University
Breed: Black Lab

Roles: “Lab results” cameos in NVE videos. Because he’s a lab. Get it?

Education: Obedience school.

Favorite Snack: Chocolate chip cookies if left unattended.

Filmography: See the “Lab Results” playlist.
<b>Jim Schuetz</b>
Jim Schuetz
Job: Director of Wafer Processing—making great isolators and sensors even better.

Bio: “He reminds us of a young Ian McKellen before McKellen sold out.”

Education: B.S., Iowa State University

Current Status: Decided to retire rather than work in front of a green screen again.

Filmography: See the Better Isolator Barrier Trilogy.
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