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Song Artist NVE Connection Lyrics
 It’s a Magnet  Dorothy Collins NVE’s use of spintronics is a unique combination of magnetics and electronics, providing unprecedented miniaturization, precision, speed, and ruggedness.
Electricity Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans
 The Elements  Tom Lehrer
NVE uses exotic elements such as ruthenium, platinum, and magnesium to make the world’s best sensors and isolators.
(from Cats)
Sally Fletcher, harpist
NVE is a pioneer in spintronic memory technology, commonly known as MRAM. Instrumental
Chips Theme from the ’70s TV show theme NVE is a leader in sensor and isolator chips.  Instrumental 
Speed Theme from the 1994 movie Highlights the remarkable speed of NVE Isolators.  Instrumental 
I’ve Been Working On The Railroad Folk Song NVE sensors and isolators are used in transportation systems because of their rugged reliability.
Transistors Gone Wild The Network Spintronics are a lot like “transistors gone wild.”
Supermodel Robots The Network NVE’s network transceivers are super isolator models for robots and other industrial controls.
Sensitivity Ralph Tresvant NVE’s magnetic sensors have unmatched sensitivity.
(from Orpheus in the underworld)
Synthesized Classical music to remind us that NVE isolators are ideal for isolating CAN networks. Instrumental
Bring Me Coffee or Tea CAN New age music to remind us that NVE isolators are ideal for isolating CAN networks.
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport Folk Song A musical tip of the akubra to NVE’s Australian distributor.
Toccata and Fugue in D minor (BWV 565) J. S. Bach (composer) Quintessential Halloween music, and a toccata is fast and precise, just like IsoLoop isolators. Instrumental
Switch Will Smith GMR Switches have extremely precise switch points.
Scotland the Brave Bagpipes In honor of our office in Scotland, our UK distributor, and the SPE Exhibition in Aberdeen.
Turn, Turn, Turn The Byrds NVE angle and rotational sensors tell how far something turns.
High Voltage AC/DC NVE IsoLoop “V-Series” Isolators have best-in-class high-voltage performance
12 Days of Christmas The Muppets No NVE connection, really. It’s light holiday music and we like the Muppets.