Stock Indices That Include NVE
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Stock Indices That Include NVE

Broad-Market Indexes
Russell 3000® Index
[RAY quote via Bloomberg]

NASDAQ Industrial Index

NASDAQ U.S. Benchmark Industrial Index
[index components]   [NQUSB2000 quote]

NASDAQ Capital Market Index

NASDAQ Composite Index
[IXIC quote]

NASDAQ U.S. Benchmark Index
[index components]   [NQUSB quote]

Market Size Indexes
Russell 2000® Index
[RTY quote via Bloomberg]

NASDAQ U.S. Small Cap Index
[index components]   [NQUSS quote]

NASDAQ U.S. Small Cap Growth Index
[index components]   [NQUSSG quote]

NASDAQ U.S. 1500 Index
[index components]   [NQUSS1500 quote]

Nanotechnology Indexes
Cedrus Nanotechnology Indexes

Lux Nanotech Index
[LUXNI quote via NYSE]

SmallTimes Index
[index components]   [STINX quote]

Sector Indexes
NASDAQ U.S. Benchmark Electronic Equipment Index
[index components]   [NQUSB2737 quote]

NASDAQ U.S. Benchmark Electronic and Electrical Equipment Index
[index components]   [NQUSB2730 quote]

Regional Indexes
Finance & Commerce Composite Index
[index components]   [FCCMP quote]
The Lux Nanotech Index is a registered trademark of Lux Research, Inc.; Russell 2000, Russell 3000, and Russell Microcap are registered trademarks of Russell Investments.