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January 3, 2012
NVE Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Everspin Technologies

January 11, 2011
NVE Granted Vortex Spin Momentum Transfer Patent (#7,868,404)

October 12, 2010
NVE Granted Magnetothermal MRAM Patent (#7,813,165)

May 11, 2010
NVE Granted Crosspoint MRAM Patent (#7,715,228)

February 9, 2010
NVE Granted Superparamagnetic Patent (#7,660,081)

September 4, 2007
NVE Notified of Grant of Magnetothermal MRAM Patent (#7,266,013)

June 12, 2007
NVE Notified of Grant of Thermomagnetically Assisted Spin-Momentum Transfer MRAM Patent (#7,230,844)

December 12, 2006
NVE Notified of Grant of MRAM Patent (#7,148,531)

April 4, 2006
NVE Notified of Grant of Patent Relating to Magnetothermal MRAM (patent #7,023,723)

November 8, 2005
NVE Notified of Magnetothermal MRAM Patent Grant (patent #6,963,098)

October 3, 2005
NVE Awarded Additional VMRAM Funding by DoD

April 19, 2005
NVE Comments on its MRAM Strategy

January 31, 2005
NVE Technology Agreement with Cypress Results in MRAM Samples

January 26, 2005
NVE Awarded DOD Contract to Develop Next-Generation Tunnel Junctions

August 17, 2004
NVE Notified of Patent Grant for Key MRAM Structure (patent #6,777,730)

June 21, 2004
NVE Granted Patent on MRAM Innovation (patent #6,744,086)

November 20, 2003
NVE Wins Government Contract to Develop New Type of High-Density MRAM:
New magneto-thermal technology promises non-volatile DRAM replacement

November 13, 2003
NVE Achieves Record Tunnel Junction Magnetoresistance
New design could improve MRAM manufacturability and speed

August 4, 2003
NVE Wins Government Contract to Develop Magneto-Thermal MRAM


January 3, 2012
NVE Sues Rival Everspin Over Computer Memory Patents
St. Paul Pioneer Press

December 23, 2008
Enclosure tamper detection and protection

(patent #7,468,664)

May 8, 2008
James Daughton Honored with Daniel E. Noble Award

August 28, 2007
Zero-Remanence Tamper-Responsive Cryptokey Memory

National Science Foundation (Award Abstract)

January 28, 2005
Cypress Samples 256Kbit MRAM

Electronic News

November 2004
MRAM: And the Winner is... (.pdf)
Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report

January 16, 2004
Tunneling-magnetoresistance record set
EE Times

January 15, 2004
Team tinkers with magnetic layers to build better MRAM
EE Times

December 3, 2003
MRAM Gets New Spin 
Electronic News

March 10, 2003
NVE Gets Ready to Clean Up When Memory Enters the Spin Cycle

May 2, 2002
Cypress Announces MRAM Partnership with NVE
Electronic Business News