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Isolated Parallel Audio DACs
Isolating digital audio reduces the system noise floor. Isolation ensures the best DAC performance by eliminating much of the digital noise that tends to find its way onto the analog output.

With pulse-width distortion as 3 ns and up to five channels in 0.15" narrow-body SOICs, IL700/IL200-Series isolators are ideal for high-fidelity parallel interfaces.

As shown in the illustrative circuit below, the unique five-channel IL260 isolator series allows ten channels of isolation with just two narrow-body or wide-body ICs:

Audio Heaven Application Bulletin: Audio Heaven (.pdf)

 IL700/IL200 Isolator selector guide

IL715/IL716/IL717 Four-Channel Isolator data sheet (.pdf)

IL260-Series Five-Channel Isolator data sheet (.pdf)
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