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November 2016
High throughput Salmonella Detection with Tunneling Magnetoresistance sensors (.pdf)
61st Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, November 1, 2016, New Orleans

January 2016
GMR-Based Salmonella Detection System: Approaching 1 CFU Detection (.pdf)
MMM/Intermag 2016, January 13, 2016, San Diego

January 2009
Disease-Detecting Prototype Offers Rapid Results
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry

October 10, 2008
Microsized “giant” drives new rapid-screening device
Analytical Chemistry

April 13, 2005
NVE Lab-on-a-Chip Development (.pdf)
NanoBiotech News

September 2002
Latest Lab-on-Chip Research Adds Microfluidics to Chemical Analysis
Sensors Magazine

December 1999
Magnetic Biosensors
Sensors Magazine

Selected Releases and Bulletins

September 22, 2016
High Throughput Salmonella Detector

June 15, 2015
NVE Awarded USDA Grant to Develop High Throughput Salmonella Detector

June 5, 2013
NVE Awarded NSF Grant to Develop Biosensors

October 27, 2009
NVE Granted Magnetic Particle Flow Detector Patent

June 26, 2007
NVE Notified of Grant of Two Patents Related to Laboratory-on-a-Chip Technology

December 13, 2005
NVE Awarded Additional DOD Bio-Detection Funding

April 4, 2005
NVE Notified of Biosensor Patent Grant

December 13, 2004
NVE Completes Biosensor Program Phase

January 26, 2004
NVE Wins Additional Government Biosensor Funding

August 26, 2002
NVE Wins Government Biosensor Contract