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The optocoupler alternative
IsoLoop IL716
Top-of-the-Line Isolators

The ultimate in speed, temperature, reliability, and flexibility. IL800-Series top-of-the-line isolators offer 110 Mbps, 125°C, 50 kV/µs transient immunity, DC correct operation, and deterministic power-up. Barrier life is a remarkable 44000 years. Available in 0.15" SOIC, 0.3" SOIC, and unique MSOP packages.

IsoLoop IL716
IL700 / IL200-Series
Up to 150 Mbps Digital-Input Isolators

NVE’s most popular isolators. Digital-input, CMOS output high-speed isolators available in 1 to 5 channel configurations. Standard parts are rated at 110 Mbps, 2.5 kVrms isolation, and 100°C. IL700V versions are high isolation voltage and high temperature (6 kVrms isolation; 125°C); IL700S versions are ultra-high speed (150 Mbps; 300 ps PWD); IL700T versions are high-temperature (125°C). Available in SOIC, QSOP, PDIP, or unique MSOP packages.

IL01x Series
Low-Power Isolators

IL01x low-power isolators use NVE’s patented spintronic Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology for a remarkable combination of power efficiency and speed. Parts are available in popular two-channel and four-channel configurations.

IL400 / IL3000-Series Isolators
IL4- / IL3-Series
Isolated Transceivers

RS-422, RS-485, PROFIBUS, and CAN transceivers ideal for industrial networks and proven over many years in the most demanding applications. Wide-body versions provide true 8 mm creepage; V-Series versions have 6 kVrms isolation; unique QSOP-16 and narrow-body SOIC-16 versions are the world’s smallest isolated transceivers.

IsoLoop IL516
DC-Correct Digital Isolators

Internal clocking ensures deterministic power-up, and outputs always follow the outputs (“DC correct”). Cost-effective drop-in replacements for digital-input optocouplers with 2 Mbps data rate, 10 ns PWD, 85°C. One, two, three, or four channel configurations; SOIC or unique MSOP packages.

IsoLoop IL611 Isolatpr
Passive-Input Optocoupler Replacements

Revolutionary drop-in replacements for LED-input optocouplers with higher channel density, data rates to 110 Mbps, and PWD as low as 3 ns. One, two, or three channel configurations; CMOS or open-drain failsafe outputs. PDIP, SOIC, or unique MSOPs.

IIL31/IL32/IL34-Series IL31/IL32/IL34-Series
Passive-Input Isolated Transceivers

Isolated RS-422 and RS-485 transceivers with flexible passive input configurations. Models are available with various speeds and fractional load options. Versions are also available in a unique narrow-body SOIC-16 package.

IIL31/IL32/IL34-Series Isolator Evaluation Boards
Isolator Evaluation Boards let you try a variety of NVE’s award-winning of IsoLoop Isolators, and demonstrate best practices for isolator board layout. Boards are available for the IL700-Series, IL600-Series, QSOP isolators, isolated RS-485, PROFIBUS, and Isolated CAN.