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IL610CMTI-3E: 1-Channel Ultrahigh CMTI Isolator, 2.5 kV, SOIC8

IL6xxCMTI-Series isolators are optimized for driving MOSFETs either directly or with an external gate driver. Resistors set the input current, and five milliamps guarantees switching. The inputs can be configured as non-inverting or inverting.

CMTI-grade isolators are 100% tested to ensure each part has at least 200 kV/µs minimum Common-Mode Transient Immunity. Simple external deglitch circuitry can extend the CMTI to an extraordinary 350 kV/µs typical.

The parts also have an extended supply range of up to 6.6 volts for compatibility to directly drive a range of power MOSFETs or gate driver ICs. The parts provide full 2.5 kV isolation.

The IL610CMTI-3E is a single-channel version in a SOIC8 package.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products)