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AFL000-00E: 1 mT Digital Switch, 0.9 V – 2 V, Norm OFF Sinking

NVE's AFL000-00E low power switch sensor integrates GMR sensor elements with digital onboard signal processing electronics. The switch is designed for use in low power and battery applications, and features supply voltages down to 0.9 Volts and continuous operation at currents of 20-55 microamps. Like all NVE magnetic sensors, the AFL sensors have extremely precise magnetic operate and release points. Features: Precision Magnetic Operate Point -- 10 Oersteds Low Voltage -- 0.9 V Low Power Digital Output Frequency Response 0 to 250 KHz Small, Low Profile Surface Mount Packages Applications: General Digital Field Sensing Single Battery Applications Low Power, Low Field Applications Supply
min.-max. Supply
min.-max. Op. Point
min.-max. Differ-
min. Output
max. Output Pkg. Mark Orien-
tation Pkg. 0.9-1.3 20-55 7-13 1 0.4 Current Sink PBBe Cross axis MSOP8
(RoHS) Note: Parts must be purchased in tube quantities (multiples of 100) for quantities of 100 or more. Larger quantities are subject to NVE's standard lead times. This part is RoHS compliant.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products)