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AAT101-10E: Full-Bridge Angle Sensor, 625 kOhm, TDFN6

AAT101-10E Angle Sensors use a Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) full-bridges to produce a very high output signal without amplification. The sensors also have a wide airgap tolerance and high device resistance for low power. Sine and cosine outputs provide full quadrature. Key specifications are as follows: Full-Bridge TMR Angle Sensor Typ. p-p
Signal  Configuration   Min. Applied 
Field  Nonsinusoidality 
accuracy  Max. Op. 
Temp.  Typ. Device 
Resistance  Package   400 mV/V  Full bridge 30 Oe 1.5% 125°C 625 kΩ TDFN6 The angle sensors are typically used with a split pole magnets such as NVE part no. 12249 or 12426. An Evaluation Kit is available with an angle sensor, circuit board, unity-gain buffer amplifier, split-pole magnet, and a plastic magnet locating fixture. Note: Please purchase in increments of 100 when purchasing quantities of 100 or more.

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AG934-07E: AAT101 Full-Bridge Angle Sensor Evaluation Kit

The kit includes a circuit board with an AAT101-10E Full-Bridge Angle Sensor, which provides two differential analog outputs, 90 degrees out of phase. The circuit board can be powered with a 0 V to 5.5 V power supply. An angular reticle on the circuit board aids in characterizing output versus angle. The kit also includes a split-pole magnet and a plastic magnet locating fixture. The AAT101-10E Angle Sensor typical output amplitude is 400 mV/V peak-to-peak for each output.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)