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Our popular Sensor Catalog and Isolator Catalog have been updated with new products including Smart Sensors and Low-power Isolators.
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Smart TMR Magnetometer
NEW!The new SM225-10E Smart Magnetometer provides a unique combination of speed and precision. The smart sensor combines a Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor element with sophisticated digital signal processing. A fast, reliable SPI interface provides data as well as an external programming interface:

SM225 Block Diagram

Unlike awkward, old-fashioned Hall-effect sensors, TMR is sensitive in-plane for optimal current sensing and easy mechanical interfaces.

Key SM225-10E features and specifications include:
  •  Wide 0 to 150 Oe / 0 to 15 mT linear range
  •  Can detect magnets more than 50 mm away
  •  Fast SPI interface
  •  2% FS accuracy for 0 to 125°C
  •  Fast 15 kSps update rate
  •  Factory calibrated
  •  Programmable offset and gain compensation
  •  -40°C to 125°C operating range
  •  Ultraminiature 2.5 x 2.5 mm TDFN package

A Family of Smart Magnetometers
The SM225 is the third member of NVE’s groundbreaking smart magnetometer line, joining the general-purpose SM124 and the ultra-accurate SM324.

Download the SM225 Datasheet >

The SM225-10E is in stock for immediate delivery.
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Evaluation Kit 
The AG953-07 Evaluation Kit has everything you need to calibrate, test, and evaluate the remarkable SM225-10E Smart Magnetometer:
AG953 Evaluation Kit

The evaluation kit includes:
  •   An evaluation board with:
      -   an SM225-10E sensor.
          - a microcontroller connected to the sensor via SPI.
        - a current-carrying trace under the sensor for evaluating as a current sensor.
        -   a PWM output for tracking the field with a voltmeter.
  • A powerful, intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Simple software installation.
  • USB cable to connect the Evaluation Board to a computer.
  • A small ceramic magnet for evaluating as a proximity sensor.
Evaluation kits are in stock for immediate delivery.
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Low Supply Current
with the World’s Only TMR Isolators
A new demonstration of the world’s only Tunneling Magnetoresistance isolators shows how little current they use.
We power an IL012 isolator with a single lithium button cell, and show that the quiescent current is less than 0.1 mA per channel:

IL01x Isolators are ideal for battery-powered instruments or 4-20 milliamp current loops.
Various two- and four-channel configurations are available.

Key specifications include:
  •  0.3 mA/channel typ. quiescent current
  •  10 Mbps guaranteed data rate
  •  No carriers or clocks for low EMI
  •  44000 year barrier life

Download IL01x Datasheet »
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Recent Exhibitions
Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM),
in Germany in cooperation with distributor Hy-Line Power Components.

PCB Design & Manufacturing Live in England in cooperation with distributor Rhopoint Components.

Upcoming Exhibitions
Sensors San Jose
Sensors Expo and Conference
June 25 to 27, San Jose, Calif.,
Booth 1344 in the IoT and Wireless Pavilion.

In addition to having a booth at the show, our Dr. Joe Davies will present a paper on medical sensors. Contact us for a free exhibition pass!
Sensor+Test 2019,
June 25 to 27, Nürnberg, Germany

NVE sensors will be on display in cooperation with distributor Pewatron/IS-Line (stand 1-333).
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