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Ultrahigh CMTI Isolators

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Ultrahigh CMTI Isolators
Functional Diagrams
NEW!CMTI-grade isolators are 100% tested to ensure each part has at least 200 kV/µs minimum Common-Mode Transient Immunity. Simple external deglitch circuitry can extend the CMTI to an extraordinary 350 kV/µs typical.

IL6xxCMTI parts also have an extended supply range of up to six volts for compatibility to directly drive a range of power MOSFETs or gate driver ICs.

The inputs can be single-ended or bipolar differential. Resistors set the input current, and five milliamps guarantees switching.

IL6xxCMTI Block Diagram 
IL6xxCMTI Block Diagram (each channel).

The parts can drive MOSFETs directly or be used with common MOSFET drivers.
A unique ceramic/polymer composite barrier provides excellent isolation and virtually unlimited barrier life.

Here we show the extraordinary transient immunity of the new parts:

Key IL6xxCMTI specifications include:
  • 200 kV/µs guaranteed CMTI; 350 kV/µs typ. with deglitch
  • 3 V to 6.6 V drive-side supply
  • Input current as low as 5 mA
  • No input-side power supply needed
  • No carrier or clock for low EMI emissions and susceptibility
  • Single and dual-channel configurations
  • 8-pin MSOP and SOIC packages

Available Now
CMTI-Series Isolators are in stock for immediate delivery:
Part Number
 (click for details) 
 Channels   Package   Available 
IL610CMTI-1E 1 MSOP8 Now
IL610CMTI-3E 1 SOIC8 Now
IL611CMTI-1E 2 MSOP8 Now
IL611CMTI-3E 2 SOIC8 April 2020
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Redesigned Website
The NVE Website has a bold new look and easier navigation.

It’s still a great place to buy NVE sensors and isolators, with no minimum order, over 99% of the parts in stock, and inexpensive flat-rate shipping:

Redesigned Website
EDA Downloads
New pages let you easily download symbols, PCB footprints, 3D models, IBIS files, and datasheets for NVE Sensors and Isolators. Files are also now available from SnapEDA.

Upcoming Exhibitions
Embedded World 2020 
Distributor Hy-Line Power will display NVE products at Embedded World, February 25 to 27, at Halle 1/Stand 170, Messe Nürnberg, Germany.

Featured new products will include CAN FD Isolated Transceivers and 3.3-Volt Bus Isolated RS-485 Transceivers
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