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Spring Forward
Spring Forward
 Saving Time
begins Sunday, March 13. Set your clocks forward an hour.

It’s also a good time to prepare for Pi Day (see story at right
Pi Day Applications
In honor of Pi Day 3/14/16, here’s a typical
angle calculation for AAT-Series angle sensors:

The equation can be used in C++ or Arduino to calculate the angle, in degrees, indicated by an AAT sensor’s two outputs.

We could take the inverse sine and cosine of each output, but the values would have to be scaled. Because the arctangent is a ratio calculation, it doesn't need scaling, and cancels power supply variations.

Unlike the one-variable arctan function, the two-variable function provides a full 360-degree angle range.

Here's a video with more information.
Embedded World
Embedded World 2015
Distributor HY-LINE Power Components showed IsoLoop isolators at the recent Embedded World exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany. There was strong interest in NVE isolators, particular for SPI.
Application Tools
Magnetic Field Strength
vs. Magnet Distance

Magnetic Field Dimensions
What’s the field strength one inch from the face of a 6 mm diameter, 4 mm long Ceramic 8 magnet?

You could dust off Maxwell’s equations and do some multivariate calculus.

Or you can download our Flux Density Calculator Excel spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet calculates magnetic field intensity in Oersteds from a disk or bar magnet at various distances. It’s invaluable for the design of magnetic sensor systems, and can make you the life of any party.

This video shows a live demonstration:

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