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World’s Smallest Isolated DC-to-DC Convertors

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NEW! The World’s Smallest
Isolated DC-to-DC Convertors
ILDC1x packages
DFN6 and SOIC16 versions
NVE’s line of the world’s smallest isolated DC-to-DC converters has been expanded with 3.3-to-5 volt and 3.3-to-6 volt boost versions, in addition to the original 3.3-to-3.3 volt parts.
The 3 x 5.5 mm DFN6 is the world’s smallest isolated DC-to-DC convertor. JEDEC-standard SOIC16 package versions are also available with true eight millimeter creepage and 4 kV isolation.
ILDC1x Block Diagram
ILDC-Series functional diagram.
Minimal Parts Count
Three simple bypass capacitors are the only external parts required. No additional regulation is needed and there is no minimum load. Frequency hopping and shielding quash EMI and make ferrite beads unnecessary.

Full Isolation
Despite their small size, ILDC1x-15 parts are rated at a full 2.5 kV isolation. NVE's proven IsoLoop isolation technology and a unique ceramic/polymer composite barrier provide virtually unlimited barrier life.
Ample Power
250 milliwatts of fully-regulated power means plenty of current for an isolated RS-485 bus or high-side MOSFET drivers.
Low Ripple
Less than one millivolt peak-to-peak ripple means low noise and reliable systems.

Soft Start
A smooth output ramp-up with a minimum two millisecond startup facilitates power sequencing such as allowing control electronics to start before an H-bridge is powered.

A 175 C maximum junction temperature allows full power up to 125 C ambient with no derating. Integrated short-circuit protection prevents excessive power dissipation.

Versatile Applications
ILDC1x parts are ideal for a number of applications, including:
  • Ground-loop mitigation
  • RS-485 / RS-422 bus supplies
  • Isolated SPI / Microwire interfaces
  • Isolated ADC and DAC power supplies
  • “2 x MOPP” medical systems requiring true 8 mm creepage
Evaluation Boards
ILDC1x-Series evaluation boards have everything you need, which is just the part and three bypass capacitors. There are also LEDs to show the convertor is operating, and screw terminals for easy connections. No ferrite beads or external regulators are necessary.

Immediate Delivery
ILDC-Series parts and evaluation boards are in stock for immediate delivery.

 Part Number   Eval Board   Package  Output
ILDC11VE ILDC11V-01 SOIC16W 3.3 V 4 kV
ILDC11-15E ILDC11-01 DFN6 2.5 kV
ILDC12VE ILDC12V-01 SOIC16W 5 V 4 kV
ILDC12-15E ILDC12-01 DFN6 2.5 kV
ILDC13VE ILDC13V-01 SOIC16W 6 V 4 kV
ILDC13-15E ILDC13-01 DFN6 2.5 kV
ILDC1x datasheet »
Demonstration video »

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