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New Products
Narrow-Body Isolated RS-485 and PROFIBUS Transceivers

Narrow-Body RS-485 and PROFIBUS Eval Boards

Document Updates
Isolator Catalog rev. M
(includes new narrow-body transceivers)

IL3585 Isolated RS-485 Transceiver Datasheet rev. O
(includes new narrow-body versions, application circuits, and thermal resistance specifications)

IL3685 Isolated PROFIBUS Transceiver Datasheet rev. K
(includes new narrow-body versions, application circuits, and thermal resistance specifications)

IL41050TA Isolated CAN Transceiver Datasheet rev. F
(includes thermal resistance specifications)

Recent Papers
Senior Research Physicist Dr. Joe Davies presented a paper, “Low temperature coupling in [Co/Pd]/Cu/[Co/Ni] spin valves with perpendicular + anisotropy” at the MMM/InterMag conference in January.
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Groundhog Day
PUNXSU-TAWNEY, Penn.— Feb. 2, 2013— It will be an early spring, according to Punxsutawney Phil.

“I left the isolation of my ground loop, and my current sense, my gauss, is an early spring.”
NEW!Narrow-Body Isolated
RS-485 and PROFIBUS Transceivers

Narrow-body SOIC Package
Think Thin!
NVE recently introduced narrow-body versions of the popular IL3585 high-speed RS-485 transceivers and IL3685 PROFIBUS-compliant transceivers.

World’s Smallest
The narrow-body versions, designated with the -3E suffix, are the world’s smallest isolated transceivers. The “dash 3” 0.15-inch wide, 1.8 mm clearance height 16-pin SOIC packages are half the size of other isolators.

Best-in-Class Specs
Both new transceivers feature best-in-class speed and efficiency specifications, including 40 Mbps data rate, 20 ns typical propagation delay, and 3 mA typical controller-side quiescent current.

Both meet or exceed ANSI RS-485 and ISO 8482:1987(E) industry standards. IL3685-3E transceivers are also fully PROFIBUS compliant, including the rigorous PROFIBUS differential output voltage specifications.

Rugged and Reliable
Designed for rugged industrial applications, NVE’s IL35- and IL36-Series isolated transceivers have a -40 to +85 degree Celsius temperature range, 15 kV bus ESD protection, and current limiting and thermal shutdown features. Receiver inputs feature a “fail-safe if open” design.

Parts are UL 1577 recognized and IEC 61010-1 approved. Unlike optocouplers or other isolation technologies, IsoLoop isolators have indefinite barrier life.

Available Now
The IL3585-3E and IL3685-3E are both in stock for immediate delivery.

Download IL3585 Isolated RS-485 Transceiver Datasheet >
Download IL3685 Isolated PROFIBUS Transceiver Datasheet >

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Narrow-Body Isolator Eval Boards

Evaluation boards are available for both new narrow-body transceivers, the IL3585-3 and IL3685-3. Both boards provide complete nodes with reference design practices.

The RS-485 evaluation board includes an RJ45 bus connector, and the PROFIBUS board includes a PROFIBUS-standard DB9 connector.

Angle Sensor Eval Kit
PROFIBUS Evaluation Board

The evaluation boards demonstrate the space savings of NVE’s unique “dash 3” 0.15-inch wide, 1.8 mm clearance height packages. Other features include:
  • 40 Mbps data rate
  • 20 ns typical propagation delay
  • 3 mA typical controller-side quiescent current
  • 15 kV bus ESD protection
Download the Isolated RS-485 Narrow-Body Eval Board Manual >
Download the Isolated PROFIBUS Evaluation Board Manual >

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Upcoming Exhibitions
Embedded World 2013
IsoLoop distributor HY LINE Power Components is exhibiting at the Embedded World exhibition, February 26 to 28 in Nuremberg, Germany. IsoLoop Isolated Bus Transceivers, such as the new transceivers featured in this newsletter, are popular for embedded applications.