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Datasheet Updates
V-Series datasheets updated for meeting the newest Reinforced Isolation standards.

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ADL-Series Nanopower Magnetic Sensor Evaluation Kit
ADL041 Nanopower Sensor Mini Eval Board
ADT002 Rotation Sensor Evaluation Kit
Digital/ Analog/ Omnipolar/ Bipolar Sensor Demo Board

In the News
NVE’s revolutionary biosensors were covered in recent articles in Seeking Alpha and The Business Journal.

Happy Holidays
NVE will be closed for holidays December 26 and January 2.
Reinforced Isolation
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NVE’s remarkable V-Series isolators have always had best-in-class isolation voltage, MTBF, and barrier resistance. And now they officially meet the stringent new requirements of VDE V 0884-11, the “gold standard” for isolation safety.

Isolator Construction
V-Series Isolator Construction

Reinforced Isolation That’s Actually Reinforced
NVE’s unique isolation barrier uses a special polymer reinforced with ceramic. The result is the industry’s toughest barrier, as evidenced by best-in-class 6000 Vrms isolation, a 44000-year MTBF (thousands of times better than anything else), and 100 teraohm barrier resistance (100 times more than imitators).

Beware of Cheap Imitations
Other isolators claim reinforced isolation with delicate oxide or cheap plastic barriers. The isolation isn’t really reinforced, they use mathematical extrapolations to claim the barriers will last “long enough,” if you don’t care about the failure rates.

Best-in-Class Speed, Power, and EMI
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance for safety. NVE isolators barriers have best-in-class performance including speed to 150 Mbps, low power, and EMI emissions that keep you from running afoul of EMI standards.

True 8™ Package
NVE’s exclusive True 8™ package has true 8-millimeter creepage per IEC 60601 in a 16-pin JEDEC-compatible wide-body outline:
True 8 Package
Ordinary Package True 8™ Package
Immediate Delivery
All V-Series Isolators are in stock for immediate delivery:

Part Number
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 Data Rate 
IL711V 110 2/0
IL715V 110 4/0
IL716V 110 2/2
IL717V 110 3/1
IL721V 110 1/1
IL260V 110 5/0
IL261V 110 4/1
IL262V 110 3/2
IL3522V 40 RS-422 Transceiver
IL3585V 40 RS-485 Transceiver
IL3685V 40 RS-485/
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Recent Conferences and Exhibitions
There was strong interest in
6 kV Isolator
NVE’s new rotation sensors at Electronica in Munich. NVE staff was there supporting IS-LINE GmbH, one of our distributors.

Schematic of TMR-based nucleation sensor device concept
NVE researchers presented a paper titled, “High Throughput Salmonella Detection with Tunneling Magnetoresistance Sensors,” at the Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.
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