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Three-Wire Digital Gear-Tooth Sensor

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NVE sensors were used in a sensing system for blast-induced traumatic brain injury, as reported in the journal Nature.
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Gear Tooth Sensor Demonstrator
Angle-Sensor Demonstrator
Cylinder Position Sensor Demonstration

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NVE will be closed Thursday and Friday, December 24 and 25, and Friday, January 1.
We wish our readers the best this holiday season, and a successful 2016.
Sensor Demonstrator
AKL-Series gear-tooth sensors are a simple, flexible rotational speed sensing solution. A new, easy-to-use demonstrator lets engineers try out a simulated rotational sensing system.
Key AKL sensor features are:
  • Large airgap
  • 50% duty cycle
  • DC (zero speed) operation
  • Precise spacing between sensor elements
  • Excellent temperature and voltage performance
  • Small, low-profile surface mount package
AKL demonstrators are in stock for immediate delivery.
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Application Corner
Three-Wire Digital Gear-Tooth Sensor
AKL Three-Wire Interface Reference Circuit
Three-Wire Digital Gear-Tooth Sensor

AKL-Series Gear-Tooth Sensors have 4-to-8 mA two-wire interfaces. The interface can be directly used in certain applications, but some application require a three-wire configuration.

In the simple circuit above, when the current is 4 mA, the voltage across the 100 ohm resistor is 0.4 V, not enough to turn on the transistor. With 8 mA, the transistor turns on. Note that the supply voltage must be at least 5.2 V to provide the sensorís 4.5 V minimum Vcc.

We maintain factory inventory of three popular AKL-Series sensors:
Part Number
(click for details)
AKL001-12E 300 µm
AKL002-12E 500 µm
AKL003-12E 1000 µm
The best spacing depends on the geometry of the gear and the sensor system. As a starting point, the sensor element spacing can be one-fourth of the gear pitch.
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