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2022 Certifications
ISO 9001:2015 Continuing Certification »

VDE Manufacturing Site Recertification »

VDE 0884-17 Basic Isolation »

VDE 0884-17 Reinforced Isolation »

ATEX and IECEx Certified Intrinsically-Safe Isolators »

New Year Holiday
NVE is closed Monday, January 2 for the New Year holiday.
Best New Products of 2022
Isolated DC-to-DC Boost Convertors
NVE expanded its revolutionary IsoLoop® ILDC-Series of isolated DC-to-DC convertors with 3.3-to-5 and 3.3-to-6 volt boost versions, in addition to the original 3.3-to-3.3 volt version. Parts are available in SOIC16 and 3 x 5.5 mm DFN6 packages. The DFN6 is (the world’s smallest isolated DC-to-DC convertor.
ALT02x Equivalent Circuit
Ultrasensitive TMR Magnetometer
The new ALT021-10E analog TMR magnetometer is the most sensitive device of its type, with a remarkable sensitivity of 500 mV/V/mT.
1.1 x 1.1 mm package
1.1 x 1.1 mm TMR Magnetometer
The new ALT025-14E is a ridiculously small 1.1 x 1.1 mm DFN version of our popular ALT02x-Series analog TMR magnetometers.
ACT001-10E Current Sensor  
Analog TMR Current Sensor
The ACT001-10E is a high-sensitivity, inline analog TMR current sensor for AC or DC measurements. The part is in an 2.5 x 2.5 mm DFN6 package with an integrated current strap. A Wheatstone bridge configuration provides a bipolar differential output proportional to the current through the strap.
SM223 Smart Magnetometer  
High-Sensitivity I²C Smart Magnetometer
The new SM223 magnetometer provides 10 bits of precision over a ±1.5 mT range with a 15 kSps update rate. It features an I²C interface and a programmable digital threshold output.
Isolator Working Voltages  
Best-in-Class Isolator Working Voltages
NVE isolators were certified for Working Voltages of at least 600 Vrms under VDE 0884-17, the new “gold standard” for isolators. The best-in-class V-Series isolators are rated for a remarkable 1200 Vrms Working Voltage.
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