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NVE logo USB flash drive

NVE-branded 2 GB rotate-cover USB flash drive. NVE is named for nonvolatile electronics.

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NVE logo coffee cup

NVE-branded "Leaders in Practical Spintronics" 11 oz ceramic mug (NVE is driven by spintronics and caffeine).

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ADT925-14E TMR Switch USB business card demonstration

A smart business card that demonstrates the ADT925-14E 1.1 x 1.1 mm DFN4 TMR Switch sensor.

The board can be plugged into a USB TYPE-A connector, such as those on a computer, for power. An LED on the card shows when the sensor is activated. A small neodymium magnet is included to activate the sensor.

You can carry it with you so you're always prepared to demonstrate the high sensitivity, low power, and small size of TMR sensors.

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NVE logo knit pom pom beanie hat

NVE-branded knit pom pom beanie hat, 12 inches long with a 3 inch cuff, 100% acrylic. We know spintronics and how to keep warm in the winter.


Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)