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AAV003-10E: Analog Current Sensor, TDFN6 Package

NVE's AAV003-10E is a highly linear, extremely low hysteresis GMR current sensor with an on-chip current strap. A GMR bridge sensor element close to the current strap senses the magnetic field created by the current. The GMR sensor element uses a unique, bipolar output low hysteresis GMR material. The bridge output voltage is bipolar and proportional to the current through the strap. Typical sensitivity is a remarkable 2 mV/mA with a 24 V supply and no amplification.Key specifications are summarized as follows: General purpose current sensor, ±80mA --
Provides bipolar output for AC and DC currents up to 80mA Current
Measurement Range Sensitivity (mV/V/mA) Output Comments Package -80 mA to +80 mA 0.08 Analog
Bridge Low Current
Measurement TDFN6 Note: Parts must be purchased in tube multiples (increments of 100) when purchasing quantities of 100 or more. Larger quantities are subject to NVE's standard lead times.

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Displaying 21 to 21 (of 21 products)