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AG956-07E: ASR002-10E Smart SPI Angle Sensor Evaluation Kit

The AG956-07 Evaluation Kit has everything you need to calibrate, test, and evaluate the remarkable ASR002-10E Smart Angle Sensor. The kit includes:
    • An evaluation board with:
          - an ASR002-10E sensor
          - a diametrical magnet
          - magnet fixturing and a

    • An interface board with:
          - a microcontroller connected to the sensor via SPI
          - flexibility to power from USB or external power supply
          - isolated USB interface for safety and low noise.

    • A powerful, intuitive graphical user interface.

    • Simple software installation.

    • USB cable to connect the Evaluation Board to a computer.

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AG957-07E: ASR002 Smart TMR Angle Sensor breakout board

The AG957-07E provides easy connections to an ASR002-10E TMR Smart Angle Sensor. In addition to the sensor, the board has a recommended bypass capacitor and a six-pin header connected to each of the sensor I/O pads. The board is approximately 0.5 by 0.6 inches (12 x 15 mm).

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ASR002-10E: Smart SPI TMR Angle Sensor, TDFN6

ASR002 TMR Smart Angle Sensors provide a precise digital indication of magnetic rotation operating over a wide range of speeds.

The sensor combines a precise, low-power Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor with sophisticated digital signal processing.

The ASR002-10E provides an extraordinary combination of speed and precision, with a 12.5 kSps sample rate and ±0.2° repeatability.

The sensor is factory calibrated, with coefficients stored in internal memory.

A four-wire SPI interface provides angle data and allows setting device parameters.

The ASR002 is designed for harsh industrial or automotive environments with ESD protection and full −40°C to +125°C operating temperature range.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)