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IL3085-1-01: RS-485 QSOP Isolator Evaluation Board

The RS-485 QSOP Isolated Transceiver Evaluation Board provides a complete isolated RS-485 node using the world's isolated transceiver, the IL3085-1E. The board provides screw terminal and RJ45 connections, and demonstrates best layout practices.

Termination, pull-up, and pull-down resistors are easily changed to accommodate various fanouts and termination methods.

The transceiver delivers an exceptional 2.3 V differential output into a 54 Ohm load and data rates to 40 Mbps. The device is also compatible with 3.3 V input supplies, allowing interface to standard microcontrollers without additional level shifting.

Isolating RS-485 nodes reduces noise, eliminates ground loops, and improves safety.

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IL41050-1-01: QSOP Isolated CAN Evaluation Board

The QSOP isolated CAN Evaluation Board provides a complete isolated Controller Area Network node using the world's smallest isolated CAN transceiver, the IL41050TA-1E.

The board is fully ISO 11898 CAN compliant and accommodates 3V - 5.5V supplies. It provides screw terminal connections, termination resistors, and pull-up resistors.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)