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Current Sensing
Chessboard Sensor Demonstration

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Upcoming Trade Shows
Visit our distributor Dimac Red September 25 to 29 at RADECS in Toulouse, France, organized by Centre national d’études spatiales. NVE products are inherently reliable, intrinsically safe, and radiation tolerant. They’ve been selected for Level 1 missions such as the Europa Flyby Mission.
NVE will exhibit at MD&M October 10 to 11 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It’s billed as the region’s most comprehensive medical design and manufacturing event. NVE has decades of experiece with medical sensors, including life sustaining applications. See us at booth 3630.
Current Sensing
With the World’s Most Sensitive Magnetometers
We demonstrate sub-milliamp current detection using NVE’s ultrasensitive GMR and TMR magnetometers. The magnetomerters have enough resolution for a coil-free Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI):


Better Than Coils
Unlike inductive, coil-based solutions, NVE's sensors are ultraminiature and inherently DC-correct, enabling higher-performance solutions to the most demanding current sensing requirements.

The World’s Most Sensitive Magnetometers
With sensitivities as high as 500 mV/V/mT, NVE magnetometers are as sensitive as coils, and can precisely measure fields of less than a microtesla.

Simple Interface
The simple Wheatstone bridge configuration easily interfaces to conventional electronics:
GFCI Schematic
A Coil-Free GFCI Circuit
A Broad Product Line
NVE offers several high-sensitivity analog magnetometers for applications such as low-current detection, Earth-field detection, position and speed sensing, and non-destructive analysis:
Part Number
(click for info)
ALT025-10E TMR 20 0 to 10 2.5 x
2.5 mm DFN6
ALT023-10E 200 0 to 1
500 0 to 0.25
AAH004-00 GMR
0.15 to 0.75
0.06 to 0.3
Download the TMR Magnetometer Datasheet » 

Download the GMR Magnetometer Datasheet » 
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Chessboard Demonstration
with Magnetic Switches
A New Demonstration
NVE’s AD024-10E GMR Switch™ sensors are at the heart of a new chessboard demonstration:
Chess Demo
Play -->
Unlike most sensors, these sensor outputs can be wire-OR’ed together, which allows 64 sensors to be multiplexed to 16 I/O pins. The sensors are mounted on breakout boards and wired to an Arduino. The Arduino scans the 64 sensors, displays the moves on an LCD display, and reports the moves with voice synthesis.
The GMR sensors are sensitive enough to activate with the basic ferrite magnets in a magnetic chess set and accommodate a wide range of magnet strengths.


The sensors’ high speed allows the multiplexing demonstrated in the chessboard, or duty cycling to reduce power consumption.

GMR Switches are activated by positive or negative fields, which is essential since the magnet orientation is random.
A Family of Magnetic Switches
NVE offers seven series of magnetic switch sensors, as summarized below:
(click for info)
 Operate Point 
4.5 – 30 V
1 mT
General Purpose
2.5 x
2.5 mm
DFN6 or
0.9 – 5.5 V
 (4 ranges) 
0.4 mT
2.4 – 4.2 V
2 mT
Ultralow power;
 1.1 x 
1.1 mm 
0.9 – 2.4 V
1 mT
2.4 – 4.2 V
1.5 mT
Nanopower without duty-cycling
0.9 – 1.8 V
1.5 mT
 0.9 – 1.8 V 
350 mT
Ideal Proximity Sensors
So when it’s “your move” to specify a proximity sensor, don’t get “rooked” into using cheap, sloppy Hall-effect switches.

AD-Series Sensor datasheet » 
Breakout board information »
GitHub repository for the Arduino code »
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