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30 Year Anniversary
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for Labor Day.
NEW! Isolated CAN FD Transceivers
NVE’s popular line of isolated CAN transceivers has been expanded to include CAN FD.

World’s Smallest
Isolated QSOP CAN Transceiver
Like all of our isolated transceivers, the new CAN FD transceivers are available in NVE’s unique QSOP16 package, which is the world’s smallest isolated transceiver, as well as narrow and wide SOIC16s. The wide-body SOIC is JEDEC-compliant, but unlike other “wide” SOICs it has true 8 mm creepage.

A Better Barrier
Unlike other isolators, our unique polymer/ceramic composite barrier provides best-in-class barrier resistance and virtually unlimited barrier life.
CAN FD has up to five times the data rate and eight times the data "payload" of standard CAN.
Exceptional Specifications
Key IL41050TFD-Series features and specifications include:
  • Fully CAN FD compliant
  • 5 Mbps data rate  
  • 136 ns typical loop delay
  • Just 5 mA quiescent supply current (recessive)
  • 2.5 kVrms isolation
  • 44000 year barrier life
  • QSOP16 version is the world’s smallest
  • -40 to 125 °C temperature range

Available Now
All three new parts, along with our exceptional legacy CAN transceivers, are in stock for immediate delivery:
       Part Number        Data
 Protocol  Package 
IL41050TA-1E     1 Mbps  CAN QSOP16
IL41050TA-3E    1 Mbps CAN Narrow SOIC16
IL41050TAE    1 Mbps CAN Wide SOIC16
NEW IL41050TFD-1E 5 Mbps CAN FD QSOP16
NEW IL41050TFD-3E 5 Mbps CAN FD Narrow SOIC16
NEW   IL41050TFDE 5 Mbps CAN FD Wide SOIC16
 Download IL41050TFD Datasheet »
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30 Year Anniversary
NVE’s 30-year anniversary was recognized recently on the iconic Nasdaq tower in Times Square. NVE was founded in 1989 as Nonvolatile Electronics, Incorporated, and has been a leader in practical spintronics ever since. The company has been Nasdaq listed since 2003.

Nasdaq Tower NVE Anniversary
Upcoming Exhibitions
September 11 to 12,
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Melbourne, Australia
NVE sensors will be on display in cooperation with distributor Fairmont Marketing (stand C20).
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