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QSOP Transceiver Demonstration

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Ultraminiature RS-485 Transceivers
IL3685-1 DiagramNVE’s unique IL3x85-3 narrow-body and IL3x85-1 QSOP isolated RS-485 transceivers are the world’s smallest devices of their type—half or one-fourth the footprint of conventional SOIC wide-body isolators.
Features include:
  • Up to 40 Mbps data rate
  • PROFIBUS compliant
  • 2500 VRMS isolation voltage
  • 15 kV bus ESD protection
  • Low EMC footprint
  • 4 mm by 10 mm narrow-body SOIC-16 packages
  • 4 mm by 5 mm low thermal resistance QSOP-16 packages
0.3" SOIC-16,
0.15" SOIC-16, and
QSOP-16 packages.
Like all IsoLoop® isolators, IL3x85-x Transceivers use NVE’s patented IsoLoop spintronic Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) technology. A unique ceramic/polymer composite barrier provides excellent isolation and virtually unlimited barrier life.

Several RS-485 part types are available in the ultraminiature packages:
Bus Data
IL3085 RS-485 4 2.5 kV QSOP-16
0.15" SOIC-16
0.3" SOIC-16
IL3585 RS-485 40 2.5 kV;
6 kV
0.15" SOIC-16
0.3" SOIC-16
IL3685 RS-485/
40 2.5 kV;
6 kV
   0.15" SOIC-16   
0.3" SOIC-16
All part types are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

And if you want the fastest, highest isolation wide-body transceivers in the industry, we have those too.
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NEW! QSOP Transceiver Demonstration
When we show customers our unique QSOP isolators they’re impressed with the tiny size, of course: one-fourth the footprint of conventional wide-body SOICs.

But once in a while we have to prove to skeptics that an isolated transceiver that small actually works.

So we have a tiny, really simple demo with an onboard oscillator and on-board battery and a QSOP isolator driving LEDs.

The demo runs at 6 Hz so you can see it, but we have QSOP transceivers that run up to 40 megabaud:
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