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New Products
IL814 High-Performance Isolator
(see story at right).

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IL800-Series Isolator datasheet
Includes the new IL814 Isolator (see story at right), as well as future models.
NEW!IL814 High-Performance Isolator
IL814 High-Performance Isolator 
The first member of the ground-breaking IL800-Series Isolator family is the IL814T-3E three-channel isolator.

The IL800-Series is the industry’s new top-of-the-line, with best-in-class specifications:
  • 125°C max. operating temperature
  • 110 Mbps
  • 10 ns propagation delay
  • DC-correct; deterministic power-up
  • 50 kV/µs typ.; 30 kV/µs min. transient immunity
  • VDE 0884 compliant—600 Vrms WV
  • 44000-year barrier life
  • Low EMC footprint
  • 16-pin narrow-body SOIC

The IL814T-3E is in stock for immediate delivery. Watch this space for more IL800-Series Isolators.

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Distributor News
Sensing Catalog

NVE sensors were prominently featured in a new Newark Sensing Products and Solutions catalog.

Newark/ element14 recently began distributing NVE sensors.
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Application Corner
Isolated Delta-Sigma SPI Interface

Isolating the SPI in a delta-sigma A-to-D convertor circuit improves resolution by eliminating ground loops and reducing noise.

This increases Signal-to-Noise Ratio plus Distortion (SINAD) and therefore Effective Number of Bits (ENOB).

Here’s an illustration using the new IL814:

Isolated Delta-Sigma A-to-D Converter
Isolated Delta-Sigma ADC

Multiple channels can easily be combined using the IL814’s output enable function.