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IsoLoop Isolator datasheets

Specification upgrades and maintenance updates (see story at right).

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NEW!Isolator Specifications Upgraded
Extensive product testing and process characterization has led to a comprehensive upgrade of several important specifications for award-winning IsoLoop® Isolators.

Key upgrades are:
  • Best-in-class common-mode transient immunity specifications
    (30 kV/µs minimum; 50 kV/µs typical)

  • Best-in-class high voltage endurance specifications
    (1000 VRMS; 1500 VDC).

  • VDE 0884 compliance data

  • Increased magnetic immunity specifications

  • Tighter package tolerances; True 8™ (8 mm creepage) versions

In addition to the recent upgrades, IsoLoop Isolators have the smallest packages, least jitter, best EM emissions, and longest barrier life of any devices in their class.

IsoLoop Isolators. The first. Still the best.
Datasheet Downloads
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  •  AB-13: IsoLoop Isolators Have Low Emissions, Low EMI Susceptibility, and Excellent Magnetic Immunity (.pdf)
  • AB-18: IsoLoop Isolators Have Best-in-Class Endurance Voltage (.pdf)
  • AB-22: IsoLoop Isolators Have Best-in-Class Transient Immunity (.pdf)
  • AB-23: NVE Isolators Feature TRUE Eight Millimeter Creepage (.pdf)
From the Applications Desk
Isolator Power Supply Offset
and Level Shifting
A common question to our Isolator applications desk is whether IsoLoop isolators can work with positive and negative supplies of different voltages.

They can. The following circuit is a simple bidirectional interface between +3 volt and -5 volt systems:

Isolator power supply offset

Level-Shifting Isolator With Power Supply Offset

Voltage levels for IsoLoop isolators can be shifted up to 1500 volts (the maximum endurance voltage), between the two supplies. In this case, the supplies are shifted 5 volts. And because the two sides of the isolation barrier operate independently, the isolators can be used as level shifters.

“Endurance voltage” is the maximum voltage that can be applied between the input and output pins of an isolator indefinitely without damage is called endurance voltage. For IsoLoop Isolators, it is 1000 Vrms or 1500 Vdc indefinitely, and will easily withstand the 5 volts in the circuit above.

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